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28th December: Daily Summary and Analysis of PIB (Press Information Bureau) Hindi
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28th December 2016's important news from the releases on Press Information Bureau (PIB) have been summarized in this lesson. The covered issues range from Refugee vs Refugee Crisis, Saral Committee Report, Steel Sector in India, Tirupur Dyeing Industry, Hathkarga Samvardhan Sahayta, Biotechnology Development Strategy 2015-20, Mission Innovation, Brainstorming Questions and much more.Please ask all your doubts in the comments section.

Yasmin Gill
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Rotavirus vaccine is a monovalent liquid frozen vaccine for prevention of rotavirus gastroenteritis.
thanks mam...kya 1965 war and 1971 ki war ke baad migrated logo ko bhi identity certificate milega?
Tiruppur or Tirupur is a city in the Kongu Nadu region of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu
ROTAVAC viruses are the leading cause of severe diarrhea among young children
tiruppur district in Tamil Nadu
  1. About me .Yasmin Gill BE(EEE) from UIET,PU .Qualified for UPSC Mains 2015 in 1st attempt State rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 .You can follow me on this link- Irvuserlyashia



  4. Watal Committee Repor Committee on Digital Payments headed by RATAN WATAL, NITI's Principle Advisor Disincentive-Nominal levy on cash transactions after a certain imit Could be monthly/quarterly/yearly limitations Incentives-Give a discount/cashback . All charges by GOl on digital transactions must be removed . GOl must bear the cost of such transactions Mandatory option of paying via digital means Merchant Discount Rate- reducing it will dis-incentivise the growth of card paymentecosystem Market driven MDR is important

  5. Steel Sector in India India-3rd largest Steel producer globally India -world's largest producer of direct reduced iron or sponge iron 3rd largest consumer of finished steel in the world in 2015 (preceded by China and the USA) .

  6. Tirupur Dyeing Industry . Was on the verge of closure due to financial crisis -huge investments in 1st ever Zero Liquid Discharge projects Tirupur-hub of the textile processing & contributes 22% of total garment export 2nd National Handloom Day - Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Sant Kabir Awards 2015 . . "Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata"-meet needs of handloom For availing looms/accessories, he/she will be required to pay only 90% of the unit cost-borne by GOI weavers for assistance for looms on larger scale 10% of the unit cost India Handloom Brand joins hands with BIBA and Peter Englan


  8. Efforts in 2016 Global Biotechnology Summit on "Destination India"-New Delhi . National Biotechnology Development Strategy 2015-20 Challenge of achieving US$100bn by 2025 Launching Four Major Missions - Healthcare, Food and Nutrition, Clean Creating a Technology Development and Translation network across the Strategic and focussed investment in building the Human Capital by Energy and Education country with global partnerships creating a Life Sciences and Biotechnology Education Council

  9. Parliament-Regional Centre for Biotechnology Bill 2016 The Bill establishes Regional Centre for Biotechnology under UNESCO in the National Capital Region and declares it as an institution of national importance ROTAVAC-in collaboration with Bharat BiotechPPP Mode Iron fortified rice -DBT + IIT, Kharagpur Through a process called extrusion -dough made of rice flour, vitamin and mineral mix, and water, is passed through an extruder and cut into grain-like structures When mixed with normal rice in the ratio of 1:100 it provides 50 per of recommended daily allowance of iron

  10. "Brucella Free Villages" -pilot scale in 50 villages covering 10 states Zoonotic disease International Conference by DBT in collaboration with ICAR Rice variety Samba Mahsuri: With the support of Department of Biotechnology (DBT Developed bacterial blight resistant Rice variety "Samba Mahsuri'


  12. MISSION INNOVATION . India is a Partner country for the 'Mission Innovation' . An effort of 23 participating countries towards accelerating global clean energy innovation. Launched during COP-21 Department of Biotechnology -nodal agency for India. Seven Innovation Challenges were announced during COP-22 in Marrakech India is the land for the Smart Grid Challenge .

  13. Road Connectivity Project for Left Wing Extremism (LWE) Affected Areas . Centrally Sponsored Scheme . Will be implemented as a vertical under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak . Sharing pattern same as that of PMGSY i.e. 60:40 between the Centre and States for all States except for eight NE and three Himalayan States for which it is 90:10 Ministry of Rural Development -sponsoring Ministry+ implementing Ministry Envisages connecting all eligible unconnected habitations with a population of 500 persons and above (as per 2001 Census) in plairn areas and 250 persons and above (as per 2001 Census) in Special Category States .

  14. Refugee v/s Refugee Jammu and Kashmir issue Identity Certificates being issued to WEST PAK REFUGEES in J & K Most of them are HINDUS who came to J & K during Partition and are 'non-state subjects' Now their 4th of 5th Generations are staying They cant buy property, no state quota for kids, vote in LS but not in Assembly polls GOl's argument-This issuing is done to enable them to get jobs in paramilitary and other areas as CITIZENS OF INDIA Opposed by separatists and mainstream opposition- An attempt to dilute state laws . Leaders in JAMMU-raised settlements of ROHINGYA MUSLIMS

  15. What is true of them? A supercritical fluid is a substance pressure above its critical temperature and pressure The critical point represents the highest temperature and pressure at which the substance can exist as a solid and liquid in equilibrium Coffee producers are already using it to extrac caffeine from beans A. at a temperature and B. C. All of these; Only A; A,B; A,C

  16. Which among them is correct? Resil Chemicals won a national award from Department of Science and Technology, for successful commercialisation of an indigenous technology N9 Pure Silver A. B. It is an antibacterial and hygiene finish applied on fabrics C. It on contact can neutralises odour-causing bacterica D. The only issue in it is that of leaching of silver particles All of these; A, B A,B A,B,C; A,B,D

  17. Which among them true of black box? A. Black boxes are black in colour B. These can endure a 3400-g (1 G is the force of Earth's gravity) crash impact C. The main components of a black box are Flight Data Recorder, Cockpit Voice Recorder and the Underwater Locator Beacon D. Cockpit Voice Recorder is usually located in the tail of a E. They have a GPS imbibed in them too All of these; B,C,D,E; plane C,D,E; B,C,D