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12th December: Daily Summary and Analysis of PIB (Press Information Bureau) Hindi
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12th December 2016's important news from the releases on Press Information Bureau (PIB) have been summarized in this lesson. The covered issues range from Cyclone VARDAH, Demonetisation and Way Forward, Disruption in Parliament, Need of Gender Neutral Laws in India, India-USA Relations, Brainstorming Questions and much more.Please ask all your doubts in the comments section.

Yasmin Gill
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  2. MISSION 1000



  5. Book Releases 'Rashtrapati Bhavan: From Raj to Swaraj', is a book for children which recreates the story of Rashtrapati Bhavan from its inception as Government House "Life at Rashtrapati Bhavan' -record the human history of the residents living in the President's Estate Indradhanush Volume-ll' - compendium of music, dance, theatre and cinematic presentations organized at Rashtrapati Bhavan


  7. Gender Neutral Laws Context-Rising cases of sexual offences against men .Even cases of online harassment on men have been found Our idea-view GENDER as an END rather than a SPECTRUM Many unreported due to taboo, lack of independent research. dearth of legislation in this regard, fear of societal retaliation Vishaka Guidelines also exclude women and so does Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act UGC in early 2016-came up with Regulations that permit male students to lodge a complaint but no case lodged yet

  8. Q:-In wake of rising sexual crimes and social movements by LGBT community, do you think our notion of gender must undergo change? Comment.


  10. Disruption in Parliament President-3 D's-Debate, Dissent and Decision and not the 4th D i.e. Disruption Implications . of it Weakening govt accountability Credibility of Parliament in eyes of citizens Ineffective Legislative scrutiny

  11. Disruption in Parliament . How is it different in India? Disruptions are usually symptoms of fractured political environment where BIPARTISANSHIP is hard to come and so In INDIA-Individual lawmakers have limited involvement in They neither control convening of Parliament nor have freedom So, governmenthas no incentive to engage with individual MP's INDIVIDUAL MP's have a GREATER ROLE to play Parliament's functioning to vote

  12. Disruption in Parliament TO DO Empower legislatures to call a session. In fact in many democracies(US,UK), meetings go on entire year with prefixed calendars In some countries, Pres can convene session on request of Repeal of Anti-Defection provisions which have gagged voting Uttrakhand and Arunachal have shown that anti-defection specified no. of MP's freedom doesn't guarantee political stability


  14. India-USA The new status ensures Treatment of India as its closest ally Technology transfer New big projects might take off Easing of US licensing requirements for India, particularly on dual- use items It DOES NOT mean a bla nket exception nor cir cumvents multilateral export controlregimes In fact, the status hopes that now we will become part of exporf regimes .


  16. Demonetisation Purpose of money in an economy 1. Medium of exchange 2. Unit of value 3. Store of value-be it permanent or transient (non-monetary assets) Even interest rates on FD's rarely offer inflation-adjusted returns and PHYSICAL(gold/property) etc. Currency offers a disadvantage of depreciating with inflation. So people put savings in FINANCIAL(shares/debentures/MF etc)

  17. Demonetisation . If transient-why do people invest in it? To conduct transactions, we need LIQUID MONEY or M1 (Physical Most readily available for commerce Stock and not flow Nearly 87 % of total currency in circulation and 56 % of M1 Economy' health in peril for short-term-As health isn't a function + DD's etc) What did DEMONETISATION target? What has it done? withdrawn of stock

  18. Demonetisation M1 is like the oil lubricating the wheels of commerce Replacement rate less and Rs 2000 at times not useful for transactions . Whatto do? Fast printing of replacement notes especially 500- and 100- Encourage to go cashless Issue is that both are time-taking processes

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