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210-250: MCQS for Geography for Govt.exams (UPSC and SSC)
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In this lesson, Rahul Agrawal will discuss the MCQs related to various topics in Geography.

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sir will you provide topic wise explanation on geography...only concept .....
sir great class it is better teach in English only useful for south Indians also
Thank you very much Sir! literally you guyes are changing life of so many students like me....salute!
sir why cyclonic circulations comes under secondary circulations of atmosphere?
  1. Ques 211."aus", a man, and boro' refer to? A. Types of wheat grown in Assam B. Crops of rice grown in West Bengal. C. Local names for bajra, wheat and rice. D. None of the above.

  2. Ans. B EXPLANATION In southern states and West Bengal the climatic conditions allow the cultivation of two or three crops of rice in an agricultural year. In West Bengal farmers grow three crops of rice called 'aus, aman'and 'boro.

  3. Ques 212. With reference to the Deccan Trap, consider the following statements 1. It is made of basaltic lava flows 2. It extends to parts of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh 3. The region is deficient in ground water resources. Which of the statements given above is/are correct? A. 1and 2 only B. 1 and 3 only C. 2 and 3 only D. 1, 2 and3

  4. Ans. D oDeap rec provinces in e o Soil- black soil regur EXPLANATION o The Deccan Traps are one of the largest volcanic provinces in the world o Indian plate passed over a hot spot near Reunion Island - Basaltic eruption o Layer over layers looks like steps Deccan lava traps This region is deficient in ground water due to a 1,200 meter thick covering of basalt which obstructs percolation o o Deccan trap is exposed mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh and also has its nominal presence in southern parts of Uttar Pradesh and eastern parts of Rajasthan.

  5. Ques 213. Khandadhar hills belong to which of the following states? A. Jharkhand B. Odisha C. Chhattisgarh D. Bihar

  6. Ans. B EXPLANATION These were in news for tribal revolts against mining in this region

  7. Ques 214. Consider the following for springs: 1. They can be found anywhere and exist in abundance in hilly areas of India 2. They gets different colors from heat-loving bacteria 3. They have medicinal values. 4. They can be helpful in harnessing geo-thermal energy. Which of the above is/ are correct? A. 1and 4 only B. 2 and 3 only C. 4 only D. 1, 2, 3 and 4 hot

  8. Ans. D EXPLANATION All are correct statements.

  9. Ques 215. Which of the following correctly explains "Bugyals"? A. They are a tribe found in Upper Himalayan ranges B. They are alpine grasslands of Uttaranchal C. It is semi desert area of Rajasthan. D. These are Mangroves forests found in Gujarat D. These are Mangroves forests found in Guj

  10. Ans. B EXPLANATION o Bugyals are high altitude alpine grasslands or meadows in Uttaranchal (at an elevation between 340om and 40oom). o These are referred to as nature's own gardens o The topography of the terrain is either flat or sloped o They are used by tribal herdsmen to graze their cattle. o During the winter season the alpine meadows remain snow-covered o During summer months, the Bugyals present a riot of beautiful flowers and grass

  11. Ques 216. What will happen if Indian Ocean Dipole is Positive? 1. Western Tropical Indian Ocean Water near Africa becomes warmer relative to those around Indonesia 2. In past it has prevented El Nino in affecting Indian Monsoon Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1 only B. 2 only C. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2

  12. Ans. C EXPLANATION Both the statements are correct. Positive Indian Ocean Dipole prevented at least two El Ni o years (1997 and 2006) from resulting in droughts in India

  13. Ques 217. Which of the following is true for milk production in India? . India is the world's largest milk producer 2. Indian dairy products are valued in Europe and China. Indian dairy produsarvalu in Europe and China. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1 only B. 2 only C. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2

  14. Ans, A EXPLANATION Indian dairy products cannot get access in EU, USA, China, South Africa and Russia due to their strict quality standards - TBT (Technical Barriers to Trade) of WTO

  15. Ques 219. Which of the following is/ are secondary circulations of atmosphere? 1. Western Disturbances 2. Land and Sea Breeze 3. Westerlies 4. Cyclonic Circulations Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1and 4 only B. 2 and 3 only C. 1, 2 and 4 only D. 1, 2, 3 and 4

  16. Ques 220. Which of the following is a passive control factor of Soil formation? 1. Material of Parent rock 2. Topography 3. Climate 4. Biological Activity 5. Time Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1, 2 and 5 only B. 3 and 4 only C. 1, 2, 4 and 5 D. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

  17. Ans, A EXPLANATION oMaterial of parent rock, Topography and Time Passive control factors. oClimate and Biological Activity - Active control factors

  18. Ques 221. Which of the following factors is/ are responsible for the differences in local climates of India? 1. Distribution of air pressure and winds on the surface of the earth. 2. Upper air circulation 3. Western Disturbances 4. Inflow of different air masses and jet streams. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1 and 3 only B. 2 and 3 only C. 1and 4 only D. 1, 2, 3and 4

  19. Ans. D EXPLANATION All factors are responsible for local climate changes. Different factors work in different regions

  20. Ans. C EXPLANATION Both are true for clay particles

  21. Ques 223. Which of the following is correct for Bagar area of Indian Desert? 1. This area has shifting sand dunes. 2. It is drained by River Luni 3. It has a number of salt lakes. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 2 and 3 only B. 1 and 2 only C. 1 and 3 only D. 1, 2 and 3

  22. Ques 224. Which of the following statements regarding the duration of day and night are correct? A. Difference is least near the Equator and progressively increases away form it B. Difference is maximum at the Equator and progressively decreases away from it. C. Difference is least at the Tropics and progressively increases towards Equator and Poles. D. Difference is maximum at the Tropics and progressively decreases towards the Equator and Poles.

  23. Ques 225. Consider the following Statements: 1. They are found in warm and humid areas 2. They are well stratified 3. Timber produced in these forests is fine-grained and durable. Which of the following has above characteristics: A. Littoral and Swamp Forests B. Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests C. Moist Deciduous Forests D. Montane Forests

  24. Ans. C EXPLANATION Barren Islands volcano is India's only active volcano (and not ndia's ONLY volcano) and although it has been dormant for about 100 years, it has shown some recent activities with some gases oozing out along with a small amount of material. Therefore, Option 1 and 2 are wrong.

  25. Ans. C EXPLANATION Soft, thoroughly decomposed and porous rock, often rich in clay, formed by the in-place chemical weathering of igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary rocks saprolite is especially common in humid and tropical climates

  26. Ques 228.Consider the following statements: . Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world 2. Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage Site. 3. Coral Bleaching is a result of expelling out of Zooxanthalae, which provides food to Which of the above is correct? A. 1only B. 1and 2 only C. 3only D. , 2 and 3 corals.

  27. Ques 229. Which of the following is an example of subsistence farming? A. Shifting Cultivation B. Commercial Farming C. Extensive and Intensive Farming D. Organic Farming

  28. Ans. D EXPLANATION oConfined to 35-65 N and S of equator. oMore pronounced in Northern h oCyclone formation is due to frontogenesis.[Occluded Front] Can form both on land as well as seas oBring rains to North - West India. The associated instability is called 'Western re due to greater temperature contrast. Disturbances oTemperate Cyclone are not named. oArlene is a Tropical Cyclone.

  29. Ans. B EXPLANATION All other are indirect sources.

  30. Ques 232. Which of the following is not correct for Trench, the deepe i s located in Westerm Pacific Ocean,to the Wes of Matiana A. It is located in Western Pacific Ocean, to the West of Mariana Island B. The trench was first sounded during the Challenger expedition in 1875 C. The Trench is about 2550 km long and an average width of only 69 km. D. At the bottom of trench the water column above exerts a pressure over 1o00 times the he bottom of trench the water column above exerts a pressure overooo ti standard atmospheric pressure at sea level.

  31. Ans, A EXPLANATION It is located east of the Mariana Islands. All other statements are correct.

  32. Ans. C EXPLANATION Lake Manasarovar is near the source of the Sutlej, which is the easternmost large tributary of the Indus. Nearby are the sources of the Brahmaputra River, the Indus River, and the Ghaghara, an important tributary of the Ganges

  33. Ans. D EXPLANATION All the given statements are correct for Cirrus clouds

  34. Ques 238. Consider the following statements 1. Atacama is the driest among the deserts of the World. 2. Location of Atacama between two mountain chains is chief reason for its aridity Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1 only B. 2 only C. Both 1 and 2 D. Neither 1 nor 2

  35. Ques 239. Which Meridian forms the boundary line between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean? A. The Meridian of Cape of Tasmania B. The Meridian of Cape Town C. The Meridian of Wellington D. The Meridian of Perth

  36. Ques 240. Which of the following statements relating to Indian Agriculture is/ are correct? 1. India has the World's largest cropped area. 2. Cropping pattern is dominated by cereal crop by cereal crop The average size of an Indian farm is too small for several agricultural operation:s 3. Select the correct answer using the code given below: A. 1only B. 1and 2 only C. 2 and 3 only D. 1, 2 and3

  37. Ans. C EXPLANATION ia has the World's largest aread

  38. Ans. C EXPLANATION Planktons are abundant where warm and cold oceanic currents meet. That make these areas important fishing grounds of the world.

  39. Ans. D EXPLANATION Contour bunding is a proven sustainable land management practice for marginal, sloping, and hilly land where the soil productivity is very low. It is widely adopted by the ethnic minorities of Nepal who practice the shifting cultivation system of farming

  40. Ques 244. In which of the following states is Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station located? A. Uttarakhand B. Himachal Pradesh C. Arunachal Pradesh D. Bihar

  41. Ans. B EXPLANATION It is located in Himachal Pradesh, on River Satluj.

  42. Ques 245. Which one of the following cities does not have the same clock time as that of the other three cities at any given instant? A. London (U.K.) B. Lisbon (Portugal) C. Accra (Ghana) D. Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

  43. Ans, D All are correctly matched.

  44. Ans. B EXPLANATION o Bermuda triangle extends up to Southern Florida and Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean. o Hawaii islands are present in Pacific ocean. o This triangle is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats s notend fr igh nide f npe and aircraft.

  45. Ques 248. Matchthe following Geographic Feature with its location: Geographic Feature a. Great Victoria Desert . Australia b. Grand Canyon c. Lake Winnipeg d. Southern Alps Country 2. Canada 3. New Zealand 4. USA - 2; C

  46. Ans, A EXPLANATION o Statement 4 is incorrect. Magma solidified between sedimentary rocks in a horizontal position is known as Sill. Dyke is solidification in vertical position o il yke olidlcatinin verticel psitany rocks in