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The bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand

The following article gives a piece of brief information about the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The article briefs about the tourists attractions of the city, the popular communities and the floating markets in Bangkok city of Thailand.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is home to more than ten million people across the globe. The city is always packed with people and cars have an immense amount of traffic. Yet, beneath the traffic of the vehicles there exist the exhaust fumes and the high rise buildings that attract tourists around the globe to this beautiful part of the country of Thailand. The rich cultural experiences of the city add an extra lining to the beauty that gets enriched with the colour and texture and also some of the delightful green oasis.

Bangkok city of Thailand was once a minor trading post on the banks of the river Chao Phraya during the early phases of the fifteenth century. But now, Bangkok city of Thailand has evolved itself into the hub for political, diplomatic and cultural activities. The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is among the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Bangkok city of Thailand is home to some magnificent temples, attractive palaces, busy markets, happening nightlife and authentic canals. The city of Thailand is also known as a home to numerous communities and ethnic groups, a glimpse of which the visitor can witness during the sightseeing of the city.

Bangkok city of Thailand is one of the fastest, clean and most efficient places to visit. The sky train connects the entire city and thus can be considered one of the easiest and most convenient modes of transport. The shared form of taxi transport is also an efficient mode of transportation. Also, the city consists of the waterways mode of transport known as the ‘Water Taxi’. Looking away from the glamorous part of the city one can also witness old men sitting and contemplating the day and the women selling their wares.

Popular attractions in Bangkok city of Thailand:

Chinatown is one of the most colourful and captivating spots in Bangkok. The place finds attractions owning to the bustling streets and narrow lanes occupied by shops that sell anything and everything from the medicine of China to the ornaments made of gold. One can also find vegetable shops, fruit stalls and also there exist shops selling trinkets to nuts and bolts. The place inspires one due to its vibrancy.

To the west of Chinatown exists Little India. The place is known for the variety of textiles it offers. Alongside, the place also has shops that sell popular Indian CDs and DVDs along with various Indian accessories like bracelets, footwear and so on. The place also offers religious pictures and statues of Indian Gods.

Also, there exists the biggest fresh flower market in the city that lies close to Chinatown, Pak Khlong Flower Market. This is the place where flower sellers from all over Thailand come to the city of Bangkok to sell their fresh produce flowers. Paper-wrapped roses, lilies and orchids can be seen selling that enriches the vibrancy and beauty of the place.

Also, there exist many tribal groups and communities that live in Bangkok city of Thailand and are employed themselves in various sectors. These are identified by their groups based on their ethnicity or by the trade or professions they are engaged in since their previous generations. There exist Little Saigon belonging to the Thai-Vietnamese community, also there is a community belonging to Japan nearby Soi Phrom Phlong. There also exits the Arab and North African communities in the parts of the city.

Floating markets are one important part of traditional Thai Life. Floating markets represent the scenario about the way things used to function when there used to be the communities that lived near the rivers and canals that used to provide the means of transport for the agricultural produce. There exist various floating markets in the Thailand city of Bangkok that includes, including the Talichang floating market and Bang Namphueng floating market. The Bang Namphueng floating market is the latest floating market that has become one of the popular attractions of the city. 

The place consists of various restaurants, dining areas and various shops. The presence of different communities in Bangkok city of Thailand shows the openness, tolerance, warmth and gentleness of the people belonging to the place that the people of Thailand are pursuing. This has been the result of the cultural diversity that has been existing even today.


The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok has been a place filled with the ethnicity of the past and the modernity of the present. The rich culture, the convenient transportation and the mouth-watering food of the place is a delight to many and thus has been resulting in the existence of different cultures in the city and enriching the harmony of the country.


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