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Acetone Formula With Solved Examples

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Acetone Formula

Acetone is widely used as a solvent serving numerous purposes and holds significance in a lot of industries, houses, etc. It is an important topic to be aware of, hence we will learn the know-how of the Acetone Formula.

What Is Acetone?

Acetone is an organic compound that is also known as 2-propanone. It is the simplest and smallest form of a compound that belongs to the ketone family. It is a colourless, volatile (quality describing how readily a substance evaporates), and flammable (easily set on fire) liquid. The molar mass of the acetone is expressed as 58.08 grams per mole. The density of acetone is  0.784 grams per cm3. The boiling point of acetone is 560 C and the melting point of acetone is -950 C. The odour of acetone is sharp and floral. Acetone is used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical labs, etc.

Chemical Formula of Acetone

Acetone is the first compound of the ketone family. So the number of the carbon atoms that are present in this compound is three. The other name of the compound which is often used is 2-propanone. The suffix “prop” also signifies that this compound is composed of three carbon atoms. Acetone’s name ends with ‘one’ which indicates that its functional group that is present in the compound is the ketone (or carbonyl) group. The Carbonyl group consists of the carbons that are attached to the Oxygen by a double bond. One oxygen atom is present in this acetone compound. In the acetone, six hydrogen atoms are present. So, the chemical formula of Acetone is C3 H6 O.

Structural Formula of Acetone

Acetone consists of three carbon atoms. Out of the 3 carbon atoms, one middle carbon atom bonds with oxygen by a double bond and bonds side by side with two other carbon atoms by a single bond. The two carbon atoms are bonded to hydrogen atoms by a single bond, each joined to 3 hydrogen atoms to complete its octet.

Thus, the structural formula of Acetone is CH3 CO CH3.


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