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Word Association Test - Part 2
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In this WAT 2nd lecture I will tell you about few rules of handling the negative words in the test.

Ashish Prakash
B.Sc(H) Geology from D.U, M.Sc(Petroleum Geology)from M.S.U Vadodara, final merit list of CDS-2 2015,Avid reader, love teaching, singer.

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Kafi acha pdhate ho sir
  1. Word Association Test (WAT) Ashish Prakash

  2. ABOUT ME Ashish Prakash Age 25 years - Age 25 years -B.Sc - M.Sc Petroleum Geology,M.S.U,Vadodara (H) Geology,University of Delhi Recommended in UPSC CDS SNL-104 Final merit list.

  3. Psychology series This test checks your mind's spontaneous connection with the given word. -Helps in revealing the subconscious thinking of the brain. 60 words are given -15 minutes time

  4. 60 words Negative (Less in no.) Positive (More in no.)

  5. Do not write any proverb or idiom Do not write in passive voice. P Do not write in passive voice s and any parts of speech. We can use synonvm Example :Child: childhood,children. Write the sentence with subject. Always write positive sentence.

  6. Rules to follow Change negative words into correct positive words. Always write in third person singular number. Don't write a name. Don't us modal words.

  7. Few examples: Clothes: Clothes don't define character Mirror: Our thought is our mirror - Discussion: Exchanges thoughts. - Sorrow: An optimistic man is always happy. Anxious: Parents are anxious about their children future. Attitude: Commanding attitude is replenishable. Good: Team play is good. - System: System is what we make.

  8. Thank You