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Narration and Discussion
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This is the second part of the PPDT test which deals with Narration and Discussion part. Few tips on how to enhance your chances of getting screened in.

Ashish Prakash
B.Sc(H) Geology from D.U, M.Sc(Petroleum Geology)from M.S.U Vadodara, final merit list of CDS-2 2015,Avid reader, love teaching, singer.

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I'm preparing for the 2019 RBI Grade B exam. Will this course be enough for the Finance part?
sir as you told if there is no female character we can assume one and write story accordingly but I want to know is it relevant to make someone hero of the story who is not even present there and how to mold the story in favor please make it clear by example ..Thank you
Sir please tell me how can I prepare for CDs step by step after graduation
Ashish Prakash
2 years ago
To prepare for CDS i have provided the book lists,you first start reading those books.with this try to read newspaper daily and try improving spoken english skills.
could you please tell me medium of Discussion, Hindi or english only?
Ashish Prakash
2 years ago
Medium of discussion is English only, but in case you get stuck somewhere in between, switch to Hindi but once you get comfortable try getting back to English.
Gøpål Jhã
2 years ago
thank you....
how to switch over preferences which have been made in CDS. pls help me with this.
Ashish Prakash
3 years ago
sorry,but you can't change your preference after successful submission of the form.
  1. Narration And Discussion Ashish Prakash

  2. ABOUT ME Ashish Prakash Age 25 years - Age 25 years -B.Sc - M.Sc Petroleum Geology,M.S.U,Vadodara (H) Geology,University of Delhi Recommended in UPSC CDS SNL-104 Final merit list.

  3. Screening Test NARRATION: The most important part. My strong believe is that screening depends mainly on your narration. - Your voice should be loud and clear. You will hardly get 1 minute to speak up your story. While narrating remember to mention age,sex,mood,and action of story Be confident

  4. Discussion It is the important part of the PPDT to show your cooperation in a group our convincing power and show y Group will be told to discuss the story and come to a conclusion Most probably it will be a total chaos. If told to volunteer to sum up the story then volunteer. - Don't try to moderate the discussion Be calm and composed

  5. Thank You