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Preparation Strategy for CDS Aspirants


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Ashish Prakash

This course will help you in clearing CDS written exam and take you through the whole SSB process. It will help you to imbibe many tricks and ideas for SSB. After following the course till the end, you will find yourself confident enough to crack the CDS written and complex SSB process. Tags: Tags: Strategy CDS, Study Tips CDS, CDS Preparation Strategy, CDS Exam Strategy, Planning CDS, Strategise for CDS, Written Examination CDS, Preparation for Defence Services



9 reviews

Keshvam Awasthi

reviewed on Apr 16, 2018

Sir please tell me how to know we are perfect for medical in cds..

Venkatesh Chaturvedi

reviewed on Jan 30, 2017

Great course for CDS aspirants. Kudos to the educator for being so expressive and comprehensive to details.

Madhu Dahiya

reviewed on Feb 1, 2018

nice sir .. but can we read lucent book only for cds exam because in this book facts are more can I prepare it from lucent book..

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