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GTO Day - 1 (Part 1)
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We will talk about group discussions and group planning exercise.

Ashish Prakash
B.Sc(H) Geology from D.U, M.Sc(Petroleum Geology)from M.S.U Vadodara, final merit list of CDS-2 2015,Avid reader, love teaching, singer.

Unacademy user
same doubt and also c.k shouldn't null bt STUD-PHONE of STUD_NO-4 is null????could you please clarify my doubt MAM?
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
the strict condition for null value is for primary key and candidate key can have null value. It is preferred to have non null value in case of Candidate key. please note this also.
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
yes I notice this thing since I am explaining all the keys through a single example ,.....therefore I recommend you to note the points and work according to it
Aarti Rana
a year ago
I think that p.k shouln't null but c.k can be null..Mam
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
yes exactly
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
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Hi sir i can't understand the "GROUP PLANNING EXERCISE" if there is any example for this GPE means you should join it in ppt and explain means your point is easily catch by student sir.
Pierce D'souza
3 years ago
see basically it's gonna be a mission and you got to lead a group to complete the mission in time for eg- there's a house on fire two of your friends go to rescue people while two go to get the ambulance and two douse the fire just a small eg it won't come like that but basically group planning..
  1. GTO series Day-1 Part-1 Ashish Prakash

  2. ABOUT ME Ashish Prakash Age 25 years - Age 25 years -B.Sc - M.Sc Petroleum Geology,M.S.U,Vadodara (H) Geology,University of Delhi Recommended in UPSC CDS SNL-104 Final merit list.

  3. What is GTO There are total 9 tasks Generally 6 task on day 1. And 3 task on day 2 e divided into groupS Group testing officer will test you very closely.

  4. First day Group discussion Group planning exercise (GPE) Progressive group task (PGT) Half group task (HGT) Group obstacles race/ snake race Lecturette

  5. Group Discussion Two GD will take place Sit straight. Try to have early entry in group discussion. Participate 4-6 times Do not regulate discussion Don't deviate from the topic. -Don't touch any one during discussion. Avoid using hands.

  6. Group planning exercise (GPE) Group Planning Exercise is followed after the Group Discussion. - GTO reads a story connected with the model laying on ground. > The story has certain problems in it. - you will be given the story page to read for 5 min. - you have to write your individual solution in 10 min. candidates are required to discuss among them the solution for approx. 10-15 min.

  7. How to write story Prioritize events in proper manner. Plan the story according to the priority. Write in different paragraphs. Divide no of candidates into smaller groups, minimum of 2. Measure approx. distance in your mind Don't forget your aim. - Divide no of candidates into smaller groups, minimum of 2 - Don't forget your aim. - If story not finished don't panic.

  8. Discussion: While discussion try to get noticed. Try to narrate. Convince your group member. carefully listen to the discussion If narrating don't give your own story If not narrating then don't worry.

  9. Thank You