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GTO Day 2: Individual obstacles
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Types of obstacles and how to get more marks in this.

Ashish Prakash
B.Sc(H) Geology from D.U, M.Sc(Petroleum Geology)from M.S.U Vadodara, final merit list of CDS-2 2015,Avid reader, love teaching, singer.

Unacademy user
sir jharkhand CGL ka koi class de rahe hai kya
Is there any time limit in finishing the obstacle?
Ashish Prakash
3 years ago
No, there is no limit.One guy from Manipur repeated all the obstacles twice in 3 mins.
  1. GTO DAY-2 Part-1 Ashish Prakash

  2. ABOUT ME Ashish Prakash Age 25 years - Age 25 years -B.Sc - M.Sc Petroleum Geology,M.S.U,Vadodara (H) Geology,University of Delhi Recommended in UPSC CDS SNL-104 Final merit list.

  3. Total 3 task in Command Task Final Group Task.

  4. Individual Obstacles (IO) -Total 10 obstacles and 3 minutes. Not arranged in series. First all the obstacles will be shown -One person at a time will do. - Others won't watch performing. Try starting with higher number obstacles. Don't follow sequence. -Don't look at GTO.

  5. OBSTACLE 1 OBSTACLE 2 Figure courtesy: virtual world

  6. OBSTACLE 3 OBSTACLE 4 ; Figure courtesy: virtual world

  7. OBSTACLE 5 OBSTACLE 6 Figure courtesy: virtual world

  8. OBSTACLE 7 OBSTACLE 8 Figure courtesy: virtual world

  9. OBSTACLE 9 OBSTACLE 10 Figure courtesy: virtual world

  10. Thank You