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Self Description (SD)
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Here I have dealt with the self description test part of the the SSB.

Ashish Prakash
B.Sc(H) Geology from D.U, M.Sc(Petroleum Geology)from M.S.U Vadodara, final merit list of CDS-2 2015,Avid reader, love teaching, singer.

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Q.1. 1.The word no confidence motion is not given in the Constitution, rather it is included in Rule 198 of the Rules of procedure in L.S. 2.U/A 75, the council of minister are collectively responsible to L.S. The motion needs the support of 50 members to be admitted. 3.No confidence motion can't be introduced in Rajya sabha Q.2. 10 th schedule
Ritesh Majumdar
2 years ago
No confidence motion can't be introduced in rajya sabha i get it. but what about legislative assembly (vidhan sabha)?
Rohit Yadav
2 years ago
Obviously you can pass a no confidence motion in legislative assembly as the MLA's enjoy the confidence of the assembly whereas in legislative council you cannot pass a no confidence motion
Is it my friends or parents, at 10:50?
Ashish Prakash
3 years ago
Sorry for the mistake.Do read it my parents.
Saif ahmed
3 years ago
Sir kindly add a preparation start Egypt video on geology for UPSC CSE
  1. Self Description Ashish Prakash

  2. ABOUT ME Ashish Prakash Age 25 years - Age 25 years -B.Sc - M.Sc Petroleum Geology,M.S.U,Vadodara (H) Geology,University of Delhi Recommended in UPSC CDS SNL-104 Final merit list.

  3. Why this test? >This is a confirmatory test. Last test of the psychology series. Opinion about you will be asked It is very important test as the first one. Bring your traits and qualities out from you and check what type of person you are.

  4. Types of description You need to give opinion of your parents ,teachers , friends & yourself. You have to write that what qualities you would like to develop. candidate is required to write 5 paragraphs in 15 minutes. The interviewing officer will read this before you enter into the interview room - Never try to bluff

  5. Few tricks: Listen carefully to psychologist before starting. Practice self description test at home. Don't contradict yourself from the answers in the PIQ form. Don't use negative points like fighting , drinking etc. - Don't bluff, be real.

  6. Example of test - What your parents think of you? My friends find me a responsible son. They always give important work to me. They consider my opinion before taking important step. Sometimes we do have difference of opinion but we discuss it out and find an amicable solution. Though they are not satisfied with my handwriting, so they always insist me to improve it. What do you think of yourself? What your friends think of you? What your teachers think of you? - What sort of a person you want to become in life?

  7. Thank You