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WBCS Main 2019 General Studies III (Indian Economy ) 66
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Daily Mock Test for WBCS

Arijit Basu Chowdhury is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arijit Basu Chowdhury
Graduate in History from St.Paul’s Cathedral Mission College.My Philosophy is Being Basic and Being simple and show actually what you are 😊

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  1. Mission WBCS (Exe.) 2019 Prelims and Mains Daily Mock Test Arijit Basu Chowdhury

  2. West Bengal Civil Services Graduate in History from St.Paul's Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata . Interests: Fitness , Current Affairs ,Burning Issues, Music, News Analysis . You can follow me on UNACADEMY- Life has two rules: 1) Never quit. 2) Always remember Rule #1 . Rate , Review & Recommend

  3. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 1. The symbol of Reserve Bank of India is a) Ashokan Pillar c) Kuber with a purse of money d) A Cat 2.Which of the following taxes is not shared between the Union and the states? a) Income tax b) Excise duty c) Corporation tax d) Sales tax 3. What is called Tax heaven? a)A country which gives tax exemption to the foreign investors b)Subsidy given by the government in taxes c)Tax evasion in the domestic country d)To impose equal taxes on domestic producers and foreign producers b) Tiger before a Palm tree

  4. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 4. Which type of loan is provided by the World Bank to its members? a)Short term b)Long term c)Fixed term d)None of these 5. Which certificate is required by jewellers in the market? a) FPO mark b) AGMARK c) BIS Hallmark d) All of these 6. Union Budget of India is presented by whom and in which house/ houses of the Parliament? a) Finance Minister of India; Lok Sabha b) Prime Minister of India; Rajya Sabha c) Cabinet Secretary; Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha d) President of India; in joint session of Parliamnet

  5. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 7.Who among the following presented Union Budget maximum number of times? a) P. Chidambaram c) Pranav Mukherjee b) R K Shanmukham Chetty d) Morarji Desai Who among the following presented the first budget (interim) of Independent India? a) Manmohan Singh 8. b) Jawaharlal Nehru d) N.D. Tiwari c) R K Shanmukham Chetty 9. The Indian econom y can be most appropriately described as a b) Socialist economy c) Mixed economy a) Capitalist economy d) Both a) and b)

  6. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 10. Consider the following statements about Marginal Standing Facility (MSF). 1. It is the penal rate at which banks can borrow money from the central bank over and above what is available to them through the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) window. Here banks can borrow funds by pledging government securities within the limits of the statutory liquidity 2. ratio 3. MSF is always fixed above the repo rate. As on April 03, 2019, Repo Rate is 6.25% and MSF is 6.5% (MSF was originally intended to be 1% above the repo rate a) 1,3 b) 2,3 c) 1,2 d) 1, 2,3

  7. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 11. Consider the following statements about Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation The WPI and the CPI baskets are different, both at the weightage assigned to food, fuel and manufactured items as well as at the broken-down level of these segments. The weight of food in CPI is higher than in WPI 1. 2. The WPI inflation does not capture price changes of services but the CPI does 3. WPI inflation is released by Office of the Economic Adviser (OEA), Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) CPI for Industrial workers CPI(IW), CPI for Rural Labourers (RL) and CPI for Agricultural Labourers CPI(AL) are compiled by Labour Bureau. CPI(Urban), CPI(Rural) and CPI Combined are compiled by Central Statistical Organisation (CSO 4. a) 1,3 b) 2,3 c)1,2 d) 1, 2, 3,4

  8. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 12. Consider the following statements about Controller General of Accounts (CGA). Controller General of Accounts (CGA), in the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, is the Principal Accounting Adviser to Government of India 1. Controller General of Accounts derives its mandate from Article 150 of the Constitution. 2. 3. CGA is responsible for exchequer control and internal audits. a) 1,2 b) 1,3 c)2,3 d) 1,2,3

  9. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 13. In economics, 'Externalities' refer to a) External commercial borrowings b) Income earned from external sources c) Positive or negative consequence of an economic activity d) Paying interest to the loans taken from International financial institutions 14. Panda Bonds sometimes seen in news is related to which country? a) Pakistan b) North Korea c) Japan d) China 15. Who is called the father of Economics? a) J.M. Keynes b) Malthus c) Ricardo d) Adam Smith Adam Smith is widely regarded as the father of modern economics

  10. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 12. d) d) 1, 2, 3 Controller General of Accounts (CGA) is: I. The Principal Advisor on Accounting matters to the Union Government II. Responsible for establishing and managing a technically sound Management ccounting System III. Responsible for preparation and submission of the accounts of the Union Government IV. Responsible for exchequer control and internal audits 13. c) Positive or negative consequence of an economic activity 14. d) China (The government of Pakistan has decided to launch Panda Bonds to raise loans from Chinese capital markets.A Panda bond is a Chinese renminbi denominated bond from a non-Chinese issuer, sold in the People's Republic of China. These bonds were first issued in 2005 by the International Finance Corporation and the Asian Development Bank.)