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WBCS Main 2019 General Studies III (Indian Economy ) 54
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Daily Mock Test

Arijit Basu Chowdhury is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arijit Basu Chowdhury
Graduate in History from St.Paul’s Cathedral Mission College.My Philosophy is Being Basic and Being simple and show actually what you are 😊

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but acchi lagti h apke banaye vd thanks plz social studies ki teyari karaye
  1. Mission WBCS (Exe.) 2019 Prelims and Mains Daily Mock Test Arijit Basu Chowdhury

  2. West Bengal Civil Services Graduate in History from St.Paul's Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata . Interests: Fitness , Current Affairs ,Burning Issues, Music, News Analysis . You can follow me on UNACADEMY- Life has two rules: 1) Never quit. 2) Always remember Rule #1 . Rate , Review & Recommend

  3. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 1. The Headquarter of (ILO) International Labour Organization is at a) Washington b) Geneva c) The Hague d) Manila 2. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) was established in a) 1948 b) 1950 c) 1952 d) 1954 3. Which of the following is used as the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)? a) Panda b) Deer c) Camel d) Cat 4. The International Court of Justice has a) 25 Judges b) 20 Judges c) 15 Judges d) 19 Judges 5. Which one has become the 8th member of SAARC? a) China b) Afghanistan c) Mauritius d) Myanmar

  4. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 6. UN General Assembly has at present a) 182 Members b) 191 Members c) 188 Members d) 193 Members 7. Which of the following is not correctly matched? a) National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) 1961 b) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) - 1956 c) Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) 1986 d) National Water Board 1980 8. The permanent secretariat of SAARC is located at a) New Delhi b) Dhaka c) Kathmandu d) Colombo

  5. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 9. Consider the following statements: 1. China has the observer's status at the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation 2. India has the observer's status at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Which of the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 only b)2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d)Neitherl nor 2 10. The Human Development Index includes the indicators of 1. national income 2. life expectancy 3. educational level 4. poverty line a) 1, 3 only b)2, 3 only c) Both 1 and 2 d)Neitherl nor 2

  6. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 11.Asian Development Bank is a regional development bank established in a) 1949 b) 1953 c) 1966 d) 1970 12. First Indian to make a speech in Hindi before the UN General Assembly is a) Moraji Desai b) A.B. Vajpayee c) Lal Bahadur Shastri d) Lal Krishna Advani 13.Which of the following names/terms is NOT associated with the World Trade Organization (WTO)? a) UNCTAD b) GATI c) GATS d) SEWA 14. The first SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) summit was held in a) Bengaluru b)Colombo c) Dhaka d India

  7. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 15. Consider the following statements 1. The five permanent members of the Security Council are the only countries recognized as nuclear-weapon states under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 2. The term o f non-permanent members of the Council is two vears a) 1 only b) 2 only c) All of these d) None of these 16. Which one of the following is not related to United Nations? a) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency b) International Finance Corporation c) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes d) Bank for International Settlements

  8. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 17. The official languages of the UN is/are a) Arabic, Chinese and French only b) English and Chinese only c) English, French and Russian d) A rabic; Chinese; English; French; Russian; Spanish

  9. Daily Mock Test (Indian Economy) 1. b) Geneva 2. b) 1950 3. a) Panda 4. c) 15 Judges 5. b) Afghanistan 6. d) 193 Members 7. d) National Water Board 1980 (1975) 8. c) Kathmandu 9. c) Both 1 and 2 10. b)2, 3 only 11. c) 1966