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WBCS Main 2019 General Studies I (Indian Geography ) 52
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Daily Mock Test

Arijit Basu Chowdhury is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Arijit Basu Chowdhury
Graduate in History from St.Paul’s Cathedral Mission College.My Philosophy is Being Basic and Being simple and show actually what you are 😊

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  1. Mission WBCS (Exe.) 2019 Daily Mock Test Arijit Basu Chowdhury

  2. West Bengal Civil Services Graduate in History from St.Paul's Cathedral Mission College, Kolkata . Interests: Fitness , Current Affairs ,Burning Issues, Music, News Analysis . You can follow me on UNACADEMY- Life has two rules: 1) Never quit. 2) Always remember Rule #1 . Rate , Review & Recommend

  3. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 1. The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold ranges of which the oldest range is a) the Siwalik Range b) the Lesser Himalayas c) the Great Himalayan range d) the Dhaula Dhar Range 2. Maharashtrian Plateau is made up of a) alluvial soil b) coral reef c) Sandstone d) lava 3. The highest peak in South India is a) Doda Betta b) Makurti c) Anaimudi d) None of these 4. Aravalli ranges are an example of a) folded mountains b) block mountains c) residual mountains d) volcanic mountains 5. Which of the following mountain passes lies outside India? a) Khyber b) Bormdila c) Bara Lacha La d) Shipkila

  4. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 6. Zosila Pass connects a) Kashmir and Tibet b) Nepal and Tibet c) Leh and Kargil d) Leh and Srinagar 7. Which of the following passes and locations is/are wrongly matched? 1. Zojila and Burzil - -Jammu & Kashmir 2. Bara Laopcha La and Shipki La Uttar Pradesh 3. Thaga La, Niti Pass and LipuLedhHimachal Pradesh 4. Nathu La and Jelep La-Sikkim a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and 3 c) 3 and 4 d) 1, 2 and 3

  5. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 8. Which of the following are true with respect to the Indian Peninsular Plateau? I. The southern plateau block is formed mainly of granites and gneiss II. The Deccan lava plateau is an elevated tableland consisting of horizontally arranged lava sheets III. The Malwa plateau dominates the Vindhyan scarpa forming the northern flank of the plateau IV. The troughs of the Narmada and the Tapti are TOOT 31 between the Vindhyan and the Satpura ranges a) I, II and III b) I and II c)L, II, III and IV d) I, III and IV

  6. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 9. Which of the following is the main difference between the Western and Eastern Ghats? a) Heighi b) Continuity 10. The oldest rocks in India are reported from? a) Shivalik range, Punjab c) Vindhyan range, Madhya Pradesh d) Aravalli range, Rajasthan 11. How much is the height of the Mount Everest? a) 8,868 meters b) 8,848 meters c) 8,898 meters d) 8,858 meters 12. The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which one of the following? S c) Proximity to the coast d) Vegetation b) Dharwar region. Karnataka a) Fold mountains b) Volcanic mountains c) Block mountains d) None of these

  7. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 13. Which of the following rivers is older than the Himalayas? a) Beas b) Sutlej c) Teesta d) Kosi 14. Which of the following geographical features have played a great unifying role in strengthening the forces of homogeneity of the Indian people? I. The expanses of water surrounding the peninsula II. The Himalayan Mountain:s III. The vastness of the country IV. The presence of the Indian ocearn INDIA PHYSICAL a) I b) II c). I and II d). LII,III and IV INDIA"R" OCEAN

  8. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 14. Teesta is a tributary of a) Ganga b) Brahamaputra c) Yamuna d) Meghana

  9. Daily Mock Test (Indian Geography) 1. c) the Great Himalayan range 2. d) lava 3. c) Anaimudi 4. c) residual mountains 5. a) Khyber 6. d) Leh and Srinagar 7. b) 2 and 3 2. Bara Laopcha La and Shipki La - Uttar Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh) 3. Thaga La (China) Niti Pass (China) and LipuLedh (Uttarakhand) Himachal Pradeslh 8. c)I, IL, III and IV 9. b) 8,848 meters