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Virtual Object really exists :)
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Understanding virtual object, some problems related virtual object

Deependra Singh Naruka
#BTech (Mechanical) # Senior Faculty of Physics #Kota (Rajasthan) #Ex Bansal classes faculty #Ex Narayana IIT academy Faculty # I am teachin

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ka maaf part 1nya mana ya?
  1. Concept of virtual object If we introduced a mirror here P A * For this mirror 2 (M2), Image formed by (M1) is virtual object

  2. Q. Find image distance in this case Principle axis Case of Virtual object & virtual image 10cm L a Object distance fz Cm Focal length 4.9 Cr, image distance 3

  3. Q. Find image distance in this case Principle axis +60 cm object distance -20 cm Focal length f20 m Image distan V-oxen), 2-15 60-+20

  4. Focal length +ve (Convex Mirror) Focal length --ve ( Concave Mirror) Object distance +ve ( Virtual Object) Object distance - -ve (Real Object) lmage distance +ve (Virtual Image) lmage distance - -ve (Real Image)

  5. Transverse magnification hi u

  6. Cases for CONCAVE MIRROR If object moves from negative infinity to center of curvature ekiect destonu omie Pint ama Same. Size , Rat 8 Real Object Real Image