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Case study for Convex Mirror
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Some Problems related case study of concave mirror, Then cases for convex Mirror including real as well as virtual objects

Deependra Singh Naruka
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content is awesome sir 🙏
  1. Q. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror of focal length 10cm. If image formed is double the height of object. Find out the position of Image from pole of mirror? Case 1 If image is real 2h ] Kot)

  2. Case 2 If image is virtual 2h LA 1 o

  3. Draw image diagram for object AEB

  4. Cases for concave mirror 104, Focal length +- ,

  5. Cases for concave mirror 104, Focal length +- ,

  6. For real object from negative infinity to pole R-o: Nature of image t p Point Size, Virtual 14 - <o <p Smaller than image, Virtual, Erect

  7. V,o. Case for a virtual object, If Virtual object lies between pole to focus n2 9.299 0. Nature:- Real, Erect, Bigger

  8. If virtual object lies from focus to center of curvature V.o br Nature of image 7 <7<tA <bat virtual image, Inverted, larger