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7. Plane Mirror (Part 5)
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Combination of plane mirros Parallel combination and Combination on inclined

Deependra Singh Naruka
#BTech (Mechanical) # Senior Faculty of Physics #Kota (Rajasthan) #Ex Bansal classes faculty #Ex Narayana IIT academy Faculty # I am teachin

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  1. Q. Speed of mirror and object is given. Find speed of Image? 5MIS 3mIs o1j 2x240 3mls

  2. Q. Same Question as previous slide 3 2 Io 19 u 50 3x3-10 Speed of Image 136

  3. lmage formation between 2 parallel Plane mirrors wt2 pah 50

  4. 3 M u lmage of one mirror will becomes Object for the second Mirror and so on. No of images will form infinite.

  5. Q. Find number images formed in this system? hn ages21 02

  6. Image formation due to Two perpendicular Plane mirrors 13

  7. Q. Find number of Images formed? D)

  8. 3 PS 3R)

  9. Circle concept:- All the images formed will lie on a circle whose center will be the intersection point of two mirrors and radius equals to distance of object from intersection point. H2 3o 3 o 96 9 ISO 150 3 0 40 2Io1 ll o 100

  10. Vector form of Law of Reflection Veda