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Case study of concave mirror - 2 (Virtual objects) and Graphs
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Case study for virtual objects and graphs between 1/v and 1/u and graph between v and u. “ This lesson also also include a master diagram for all the cases of concave mirror “

Deependra Singh Naruka
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  1. Case of Virtual Object Only one case of virtual object i.e. virtual object lies in between pole to infinity matu Real, Esuct Smalles

  2. * Different different cases colours for R.O. RO Real Object RIReal Image vO Virtual Object VI Virtual Image

  3. CA -t yv Graph Between 1/v and 1/u age By Using mirror formula, we can say that relation between 1/v and 1/u is straight line Iu nnage

  4. Graph between v and u Vistai may Using mirror formula, we can conclude that graph between v and u is hyperbolic curve Real Rehl mag

  5. Q. An object is placed in front of a concave mirror of focal length 10cm. If image formed is double the height of object. Find out the position of Image from pole of mirror? Case 1 If image is real 2h ] Kot) UA

  6. Case 2 If image is virtual uL Io