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Let’s start spherical mirror
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Spherical mirror problems, problem based on mirror formula, Sign convention, Basic idea about real image, virtual image

Deependra Singh Naruka
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How to learn for group4 english and matg
  1. Q. Find distance x?

  2. *Considering all rays as paraxial ON OP, IN IP, NC PC ma MN t-L = V = Image distance from pole U = Object from pole f focal length te

  3. Sign convention ne e- *Consider direction of usefull incident ray as positive and write U, V, F accordingly

  4. Q. Find image distance in this case U=-30cm object distance f-- 20cm Object is real, Mirror is concave By Applying mirror formula We get V=-60cm image distance tv Ro R: Principle axis *Image formed on the left side of mirror so it is a real image

  5. Q. Find image distance in both the cases Concave Mirror Convex Mirror Principle axis Principle axis e Object distance 2 Focal length 2 Object distance Focal length 40m 40U Image distance 2e Image distance

  6. Q. Find image distance in this case P A Principle axis RT Object distance Focal length 20 Image distance (A Using mirror formula

  7. Concept of virtual object If we introduced a mirror here P A kT For this mirror 2 (M2), Image formed by (M1) is virtual object VC

  8. Q. Find image distance in both the cases Principle axis Case of Virtual object & virtual image 10cm L a Object distance f 1 cm Focal length Image distance 3