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Introduction to spherical mirror
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Basic keywords to spherical mirror, knowing of paraxial rays, what focus is actually

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  1. Spherical mirror CoC centre of cusvatusu Sphsu CoC Rudius cou

  2. *Pole is that point on the mirror from which distance of objects can b easily calculated *Radius of curvature and Radius of aperture are two different terms *Center of curvature is the center of that sphere from mirror is cut *Principle axis is the line joint pole and center of curvature R-Aike Paraxial rays t

  3. *If the rays parallel to Principle axis and paraxial then the point where they meet or appears to meet is known as Focus of the Mirror Cs light-ray concave mirror Focus Paraxial Rays Paraxial Rays . If Mirror is very small . If incident ray is making very small angle with normal of the mirror If rays are very close to principle axis

  4. Q. Find distance x?

  5. *Considering all rays as paraxial 48 ON OP, IN IP, NC PC ma N C t v-image distance from pole U = Object from pole f = focal length @f , - = te

  6. Sign convention ne *Consider direction of usefull incident ray as positive and write U, V, F accordingly

  7. Q. Find image distance in this case U 30cm f-- 20cm Object is real, Mirror is concave By Applying mirror formula We get V- - 60cm Ro *Image formed on the left side of mirror so it is a real image

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