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University Assistant 2019 : Grammar Part 17 : Kerala PSC ( In Malayalam)
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This class is the seventeenth part of the Grammar session included in this course and it explains the phrasal verbs formed with the verb Look. So please watch the class and share with your friends and groups. Thank you

Renjit P S
Very passionate , sincere , enthuastic with a total 12 year teaching experience and also managing the youtube channel RENJIT'S ENGLISH

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  2. Phrasal verbs With the verb Look Look after He........ his father during those days A, looked down on C. looked forward to. C. looked after Take care of . B. looked for

  3. consider as inferior, despise Look down on Ra. his colleagues so they don't like him A. looks down on. B. looks for C. looks forward to. C. looks after

  4. Look for Mahesh has been .........a job for two months A. looking down on. B. looking for C. looking forward to C. looking after search, seek

  5. Look forward to _ await, anticipate, expect re a success in that field A. looking down on B. looking for C. looking forward to C. looking after

  6. pay a brief visit or a casual visit my home Look in _ My friend used to . A. look over B. look into C. look in C. look on

  7. Look into _ Look on. Look overexamine look up When you find a new word, you must.... its meaning Examine, investigate Watch search for ( in a dictionary)

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