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University Assistant 2019 : Grammar Part 13 : Kerala PSC ( In Malayalam )
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This class is the thirteenth part of Grammar session. Please watch the class and share with your friends and groups. Thank you.

Renjit P S
Very passionate , sincere , enthuastic with a total 12 year teaching experience and also managing the youtube channel RENJIT'S ENGLISH

Unacademy user
randil koodutal alkare pereutu paranjal between ano among ano use cheyua
1st question il 'the police were uncertain' alle correct
sir njn innanu. ee course il start akyad mrng irunnit ipola sir nte class opam ethyad notes complete ayad ella mock testum attnd aaki thank u sir . high court nte english class continue cheyyo sir plz
Renjit P S
a year ago
Ok... sure.... Thank you
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  2. 1. The police was uncertain about the motive the crime 2. Five years. a long time to wait A. were. B. is. C.are. D.have. B. for. .on D. over

  3. B. no C. many D. any .some 4. She divided the sweets.......the six of us A. between. B.among. D.with

  4. 5. I prefer .later B. last C. latter D. latest to the former one.

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