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Mock Test 10 : University Assistant 2019 : Kerala PSC (In Malayalam)
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This is the Tenth Mock Test included in the course University Assistant 2019 which contains five questions. Please attempt all the questions and keep your answers with you. Thank you..

Renjit P S
Very passionate , sincere , enthuastic with a total 12 year teaching experience and also managing the youtube channel RENJIT'S ENGLISH

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  2. 1. They had been living here 1990 December to 2015. A. Since. B. from. C. for. D. by 2. She is among them at cooking A. bad. B. worse. C. Worst. D worsiest

  3. 3. He is the man...... saved the child A. Which. B. that C. Whom D. Who 4. The Synonym of accuse A. Claim C. flame. B.blame. D.gleam

  4. 5. Calligrapher is one who.... A. Walks beautifully B. Writes beautifully C. dresses beautifully D. Sings beautifully

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