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Answer key 16 : University Assistant : Kerala PSC ( In Malayalam)
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This class is the sixteenth answer key included in this course. Please watch the class and comment your marks in the comment box. Thank you..

Renjit P S
Very passionate , sincere , enthuastic with a total 12 year teaching experience and also managing the youtube channel RENJIT'S ENGLISH

Unacademy user
awesome course mam
Shambhavi Pandey
8 months ago
Thanks a lot dear ..... keep learning and sharing 👍
in the second question , since there is a negative in the sentence how can we use "any" ?
Renjit P S
10 months ago
negative sentence ilum Auxiliary beginning interrogative sentence ilum anu any use cheyyunnathu...
3.6/5 ✓ 4 x 1 ( He was expected to.... )
4/5.... 😍 thank u sir
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  2. 1. He. to arrive at 8 O' clock, but he is late. A. expected C. has been expected. D. was expected 2. He hasn't got manners A. a little. B. little. C. any. D. some B. is expected

  3. 3. He.. from chennai last week A. has returned C. had returned 4. stitch in time saves nine A. The B. A C.A few. D. The few B. returned D. would return

  4. 5. I shall have a good time whether I A. shall win or lose B. will win or lose C. won or lost D. win or lose

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