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Answer key 15 : University Assistant : Kerala PSC ( In Malayalam )
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This is the answer key of the fifteenth mock test included in this course. Please watch the answer key and comment your marks in the comment box. Thank you.

Renjit P S
Very passionate , sincere , enthuastic with a total 12 year teaching experience and also managing the youtube channel RENJIT'S ENGLISH

Unacademy user
Nice sir.. Plz continue
1.3/5 ✓2 x 2 ( A book and pen is, Reported speech ) not Attempted 1 ( They made me quit the job )
3/5... direct speech kandu pidikkunnath crct aayiloo 😊😊😊
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  2. 1. A book and pen be kept with you A. are B. is. C. have. D. were 2. They made me the job A. quit. B. to quit. C. quitted. D. quitting

  3. 3 you have a cup of coffee? A. will B. would C. Could D. should A. has B. have C. had. D. having.

  4. 5. What is the direct speech of - He asked me if lhad completed my degree A. He says, " Do you complete your degree?" B. He said " Have you completed your degree" C. He said " Did you complete your degree?" D. He said " When did you complete your degree"

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