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Types of Rights
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Classification of rights

Deepika Reddy Magham is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepika Reddy Magham
BCA, LLB, MBA; Director, Shikara IAS Academy; 10 years experience in teaching Indian Polity, Ethics, Indian Society and Social Justice.

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sir i need ur more lessons
Abhyudaya Kelkar
7 months ago
Ancient, Medieval and some parts of Modern India are there. If you are a subscriber you can try my crash course on Indian history too...
very nice way to explain ... good please praper the topic on western political thought
Sure I will
thanku mam 😊
Dear Deepika, Great explanation . thank you.. I have a small doubt. In examination if they Right to vote is a 1.constitutional right right and 3. both 1&2. then what should be our answer.? I feel very happy if I get reply..
Right to vote is both a legal right and a constitutional right because legal rights are a larger set of rights and constitutional rights is part of legal right. In other words a legal right enshrined in the constitution is called as a constitutional right
understood.. but if there is no both 1&2 option what should be given preference.?
then 1 because constitutional right is more strong in terms of application than a legal right
okay.. thank you so much .. I would like to appreciate for your patience..????
thank you maam
My pleasure
Thank you for the course mam. The concepts are really elaborated and explained in a very detailed manner with deepest conceptual clarity which we cannot find it in any books. It is really helpful.

  2. TYPES SOCIAL RIGHTS guaranteed by the society enforced by the society LEGAL RIGHTS Guaranteed/recognised/enforced by law Justiciable in nature

  3. TYPES OF LEGAL RIGHTS STATUTORY RIGHTS Rights guaranteed by an ordinary law or a statute. Statute is any law made by the Parliament by a simple majority

  4. CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS - Rights guaranteed by the Constitution Two Types 1. Fundamental Rights 2. Other Constitutional Rights

  5. 1. Fundamental Rights Rights guaranteed by Part Ill of the Constitution Basic rights essential for achieving the aims and aspirations of the Constitution as mentioned in the Preamble

  6. 2. Other Constitutional Rights guaranteed by the Constitution - but mentioned outside Part IlI

  7. Other Constitutional Rights Article 265 - no tax can be levied except by an authority of law Article 300A - Right to property Article 301 - Interstate trade Article 326- Right to vote