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Abolition of untouchability and titles
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Aritcles 17 and 18 - Provision related to abolition of untouchability specified under Article 17 and prohibition on the state and citizens on conferment and acceptance of titles respectively under Article 18 explained

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Deepika Reddy Magham
BCA, LLB, MBA; Director, Shikara IAS Academy; 10 years experience in teaching Indian Polity, Ethics, Indian Society and Social Justice.

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thanks sir. sir edayk exam conduct cheyamo...Revision pole
Maam what about My lord and your Lordship title to Judges?
Ma'am u said that if awards are used as titles than they can be cancelled by S.C but many ppl use Bharat Ratna or Padma awards as prefixes to name , what about them? E.g Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar?
Ma'am article 18 (2) prohibits citizen from accepting any title from foreign state but 18 (4) allows citizens to accept title from foreign state by taking presidents consent . I'm confused ?
Mam is it possible to get pdf for your lectures it will save lot of time
Ma'am as per article 18(4), one can't even accept a job from a foreign country. Is the job specified here public or private or both?
the criteria here is not the job accepted by the person as in whether it is public or private. The criteria here is the person occupying the job, the restriction is applicable if he is working in Government

  2. ARTICLE 17 Article 17 states that - untouchability is abolished - its practice in any form is forbidden - the enforcement of any disability arriving out of untouchability shall be on offence punishable in accordance with law

  3. ARTICLE 17 The Constitution, however, did not define Untouchability The objective of this article is to end the inhuman practice of treating fellow human beings as untouchable and dirty by reason of their birth in certain castes.

  4. ARTICLE 18 - deals with abolition of titles. Title is something that adds to one name. During the British rule conforming titles by the British Government resulted in creation of a separate class among the people.

  5. ARTICLE 18 The Article has the four clauses. Article 18 (1) - prohibits the State from conferring titles Article 18 (2) - prohibits citizens from accepting titles from foreign nation

  6. ARTICLE 18 Article 18 (3) -prohibits any foreigner working under the Govenment from accepting titles from a foreign country without prior permission from President Article 18 (4) - prohibits any person working under state from accepting any title /office / job from a foreign country without prior permission from President