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Deepika Reddy Magham is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepika Reddy Magham
BCA, LLB, MBA; Director, Shikara IAS Academy; 10 years experience in teaching Indian Polity, Ethics, Indian Society and Social Justice.

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sir for question no. 4 that was gen formla for alkanols. sir you did nt included cyclic alkanols. that will give you combination of answers. answer according to me is a, c, d since you haveto form single c-c.
mam you don't need any introduction ,,,,,, your lectures say about your experience...... your explanation is ultimate
thanks for the compliment surya
thanks mam ur explanation was very nice...
Welcome Madhu
Madam ur voice is very clear and ur lectures are very crispy With due respect I have one request for you Mam pls upload more polity courses more quickly as time is very less now
I will do it abhishek. If everything goes according to the plan, I will finish most of the topics in about 20 days
Bipin Kumar
2 years ago
yes mam ur voice pleasant to ear... like the voice of news reader... mam i m left wid 7 days to appear in polity mains exam.. so plz plz upload as many as posssible.. mam
sure bipin
mam can you cover upsc optional subject political science and international relations.
ajit for now the focus is on prelims. I will take a call post prelims
Lucky Ajit
2 years ago
ok mam...mam i am from vizayanagaram iam appearing to upsc2019 and iam from english medium background . and why cannt i understand laxmikanth's polity book vocabulary. can you cover entire page to page of laxmikants book. or can you suggest me any alternative book ( which i can easily understand) relevant to gspaper 2
thank u mam for a wonderful course.plz can u explain judicial review ,activism and their differences
I will soon do a course on those concepts
Vasavi Katkam
2 years ago
thank u so much mam
Vasavi Katkam
2 years ago
mam can u plz make a course on how to prepare polity n goverance for mains

  2. OVERVIEW Meaning and evolution 2. Types 3. Differences, Significance and Classification 1.

  3. 4. Characteristics of FRs 5. Article 14 6. Articles 15 and 16

  4. 7. OBC Reservation 8. Articles 17, 18 and 19 9. Articles 20, 21, 21A and 22

  5. 10. Articles 23 to 28 11. Articles 29, 30 and 32 12. Writs

  6. MEANING Right is an entitlement - a claim - Socially backed or legally backed

  7. Safegaurd not an entitlement protection guaranteed by law certain social groups and communities -

  8. EVOLUTION OF RIGHTS Magna Carta of England - 1215 US Declaration of Independence - 1776 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, approved during the French Revolution - 1789 O O