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Equality before law and Equal protection of laws
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Article 14 - the two rights - Right to equality before law and equal protection of laws - their origin, meaning, implementation, significance and exceptions explained

Deepika Reddy Magham is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepika Reddy Magham
BCA, LLB, MBA; Director, Shikara IAS Academy; 10 years experience in teaching Indian Polity, Ethics, Indian Society and Social Justice.

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Today i got to know that 90% cases in the courts are of Ownership of Lands (PIB Radio). So there is need of Land bill, and government is in the process to digitizing Lands in the the cases will sort out without much hustle - Tussle.
Sanyam Kapila
2 years ago
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Ma'am, I'm a ardent follower of you and 1st time I'm understanding polity like this way.... I'm a big fan of you. But one thing I had to say ma'am... Felt low, that's why want to share with you... Govt. school/college can be a premier too... I'm an alumni of a and purely govt. college (Presidency College), and that will be my pride forever ma'am... They can be 'premier institute' too... No ma'am?
Thanx a lot ma'm for expounding the fundamental rights in such a lucid manner.
As per doctrine of classification how OBC can be classified further as creamy and non creamy layer, won't it affect the doctrine of classification
The very classification of BCs is based on the economic status Shanmuga, so it doesnot affect
can a criminal case be lodged on a ex- prez or ex-governor ? and what if there is criminal case against the person becoming prez, so will it get nullify? and if that case continues after his term of prez then that case can continue again?
Yes Saurav the immunity is as long as u hold office. Usually such people are not choosen
Ma'am as in case of criminal procedures initiated against the president and the governor, do criminal procedures also apply against the post of president or are they for individual also ?
Any case be it criminal or civil will be against the individual and not against the post.

  2. ARTICLE 14 The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law and equal protection of laws within the territory of India

  3. EQUALITY BEFORE LAW As a concept it originated in England Considered to be negative in nature as it is based the maximin 'No man is above law All individuals irrespective of their social standing are subjected to the same law of the land.

  4. RULE OF LAW This concept in itself contains rule of law which means absolute supremacy of law of the land. It also means that administration can be subordinated by law and not vice versa.

  5. PRINCIPLES OF RULE OF LAW Rule of law indicates that 1. Law is supreme 2. Law is always above you

  6. EXCEPTIONS (UNDER ARTICLE 361) The President and Governor are not answerable to any court of law with regard to the exercise of their executive functions. - No criminal procedure whatsoever can be initiated against the President or Governor during his office. - No civil proceeding can be initiated against the President or governor, except after the expiry of two months notice served on him,

  7. EQUAL PROTECTION OF LAWS originated in the American Constitution considered to be positive in nature as it indicates equality of treatment in equal circumstances based on the principle that equality can exist only among equals and equality can't exist among unequals

  8. amon g equals law should be equal and equally administered and that the like should be treated alike - it implies that equal treatment in similar circumstances in terms of both privileges and liabilities conferred by law

  9. DOCTRINE OF REASONABLE CLASSIFICATION Equal protection of law allows the state to clasify individuals on reasonable basis into similar groups. Once such a classification is made, the law shall apply equally among all the people within that group i.e., no person within a group shall be treated differently.