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Tricks to do division quicker: Vedic Mathematics
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In this lesson, Utkarsh has taught a very fundamental method for doing division in vedic maths which can reduce cumbersome calculations to an unimaginable extent.

Utkarsh Ujjwal
A third year undergraduate at IIT Guwahati.. A NTSE scholar, KVPY fellow, multi Olympiad winner and a Mathematics lover at heart..

Unacademy user
after watching video it's stop how we can put all vidio in autolplay
If u can provide some advance lessons on Vedic math, it'll be very helpful for us.
Utkarsh Ujjwal
3 years ago
Which specific parts you want the courses for ?
Sourav Karmakar
3 years ago
I want that you specific the part of cube root of vedic math because in case of above 6 numbers the process is not going
roman sir really today i support ur decision to quit ias job...u r make greater impact on society than u would hav made by ias job we need lots of people like u to make our country world guru again..
Hey Utkarsh, Great Job.In past, I have read several articles and watched various videos.But somewhere down the line, they only cover easy and small tricks like explaining multiplication of digits close to hundred and like that. Here, after watching all your videos I can say that you have covered all kind of problems from very easy to complex one. I think which was your biggest plus. Keep the good work going. I am expecting more exciting and interesting stuff on tricks of maths from an IIT alumni. All d very best...
Utkarsh Ujjwal
3 years ago
Thanks a lot for the encouragement brother.. BTW I am just a second year student and not yet an alumni :p
please explain how to get square roots of 5 digit number?? And also if the outcome of square root is fraction, then how to recognise it by using these simpler methods?
  1. LEARN THE TRICKS OF VEDIC MATHS Tricks to do division quicker By UTKARSH UJJWAL

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  4. Basic information: In 168584 213 = 768 Dividend Divisor Quotient

  5. Normal division is the fastest method in most of the Use tips for division with 5, 25, 125, 625 Eg: 68525-13 cases 63525 = 4886.5384 13

  6. Shortcut for division by any 2 digit number - If divisor is xy, make two parts x and y X-Main divisor Y = Unused part . Eg: In 2345 54, Divisor-54 So, X-5, Y 4

  7. Steps : Eg: 2679502-43 9 13 6 17 2/1121 6 2314 Main divisor

  8. Eg: 73922 23 4 3 9 0 2 8 7 3 9 2 2 Answer: 32 1 4

  9. A word of caution: Whatever new dividend you obtain in the top line can't be negative . If you get a negative dividend, move back a step and reduce the last answer digit by one

  10. Eg: 210086 74 62 28 66 0 Correct answer: 2 8 3 9 Not 4 Not 3