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Vedic Mathematics Tricks: Learn to Solve Mathematics Questions Faster


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Utkarsh Ujjwal

The course deals with a quick method to learn skills from Vedic mathematics in a concise and easy manner. Here, Utkarsh has given the reasons why every serious aspirant of any competitive exam must learn the tricks of vedic maths. As well as how to execute arithmetic functions exponentially faster. Tags: Vedic Mathematics, Mathematics, how to learn vedic mathematics, maths, find, square, root, vedic, mathematics, multiply, multiplication, numbers, vedic mathematics multiplication, tricks, vedic mathematics tricks



37 reviews

Roman Saini

reviewed on Oct 24, 2016

Great course for the people who wants to calculate at lightening fast speed. Will not only be beneficial for people appearing for some exams, but also for those who just wants to sharpen their minds.

Hemant Jadhav

reviewed on Dec 5, 2016

Thank u so much sir I watched your all videos. The tricks were simple and awsome and also your use of easy language to understand us.

Shailesh Tiwari

reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

Quite effective for beginner. The best way to develop a approach for various numerical aptitude problems is me tioned

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