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Overview: Learn the tricks of Vedic Mathematics
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This first lesson in the course deals with the overview of the entire course. Here, Utkarsh has given the reasons why every serious aspirant of any competitive exam must learn the tricks of vedic maths. The target audience and course structure are also discussed.

Utkarsh Ujjwal
A third year undergraduate at IIT Guwahati.. A NTSE scholar, KVPY fellow, multi Olympiad winner and a Mathematics lover at heart..

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sir daily class give please.......
Plz tell how can I prepare for fast calculation
plz tell sort calculation
please include English subtitles
Sir I m very weak in aptitude

  2. About me: Sophomore at IIT Guwahati Qualified IIT JEE 2015 Qualified NTSE, KVPY (Both stages) A Mathematics lover Doubt/ Query/ Feedback in comments+ Share Course Fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on on https:/unacademyinhiserUit s:// Utkarsh

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  4. !!! CHECK!!! . Calculate 21314 x 12 : Calculate 672 . How will you approach 124864 x 125 ??

  5. OBJECTIVE To learn smart tricks to calculate faster in exams > To ernadlcate everyl element of fear of numbers from To eradicate every small element of fear of numbers from you Follow the course and you will see the difference**

  6. WHY VEDIC MATHS?? . Easy to remember & apply Time Management, is extremely crucial in competitive Time Management' is ext exams Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence. - Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and

  7. TARGET AUDIENCE . Everyone who wants to learn the mathematical shortcuts to save their time in competitive exams Everyone who feels that numbers are boring and uninteresting Everyone who wants to learn the tricks just as an interest for numbers .

  8. COURSE STRUCTURE Five major parts to cover -Addition and subtraction - Multiplication -Division DIvIsion Squares and square roots - Cubes and cube roots