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How to multiply numbers faster (Part 2): Vedic Mathematics
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In this lesson, Utkarsh has taught, with sufficient examples, two of the most widely used methods for multiplication using vedic maths (Grid method and Vertically and Crosswire method)

Utkarsh Ujjwal
A third year undergraduate at IIT Guwahati.. A NTSE scholar, KVPY fellow, multi Olympiad winner and a Mathematics lover at heart..

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ma'm please shorten the starting intro ..this will consuming our time ..please mention it
Priya Malani
a year ago
hi mohit, thanks alot for the feedback. i will take care.
Priya Malani
a year ago
hey mohit, thanks for dedicating hat to me on gate Aerospace would be great if you could dedicate to my profile separately.. thanks a lot.
Sir mai class 12th student hon Aur jharkhand State Board se Kya mai phir se 11th 12th ka preparation kar ke Jee mainse Aur Advance ka exam De sakta hon. ?
agar 45 *23= kese solve krenge?
awesome way thanks a lot for this
your manner of teaching is vry clear and indeed interesting, no doubt helpful too thnku..
Thank you so much sir it's extremely helpful course
  1. LEARN THE TRICKS OF VEDIC MATHS How to multiply numbers faster (Part 2) By UTKARSH UJUWAL

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  4. General Multiplication tricks Grid method . Nothing but general distributive identity (a + b) x (c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd Eg: (a + b) x (c+ d)? Product ac + ad bc bd d adbd

  5. Choose a, b, c and d such that at least one of {a,b) and {c, d} is a multiple of 10 Eg: 68 x 35-2 68 60 + 8 608 35 30 + 5 30 1800 240 5 300 40 68 x 35-1 800 + 240 + 300 + 40 = 2380

  6. Vertically and Crosswise techn que Eg: 78 x 36 2808 Hundreds Iens Ones 4 3 6 6 6 21 66 / 48 21 42+ 24 48 21+7/66+4/8 28 08 = 21 48

  7. Eg: 978x 423 413694 Ten Thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones 36 46 78 37 24 Carry:

  8. How to think while solving Eg: 357 x 739?