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TIN - Dam Safety Bill, 2018 - Part 3 | Mains Answer Writing 2018 | Prelims 2019
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  1. TOPIC IN NEWS unacademy Dam Safety Bill, 2018 AMAN SHARMA

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  3. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS The Bill lays down that all specified dams will fall under jurisdiction of the SDSO of the State in which the dam is situated; For specified dams owned by CPSUs or where a dam is extended in two or more states or where a dam owned by one state is situated in other state, NDSA shall be construed as SDSO For all dams under their jurisdiction, the State Dam Safety Organizations will be required to .Keep perpetual surveillance Carry out inspections; and Monitor the operation and maintenance. make such investigations & gather such data as may be required. classify each dam as per vulnerability and hazard classification criteria laid down by NCDS Maintain a Log Book/ Data-base recording activities of surveillance/ inspection and important events. maintain records of major dam incidents. render its advice to the concerned dam owner on the safety or remedial measures. AMAN SHARMA

  4. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS The dam owners are required to:- Earmark sufficient funds for maintenance & repairs, and to implement the recommendations of SDSO. .Compile all technical documentations related to dam safety, along with information on resources/ facilities to be affected by dam failure. . have state-of-the-art data management tools .Individuals responsible for dam safety to possess qualifications & experience specified by regulations, and undergo adequate trainings In case of construction or alterations of dams: Investigation, design & construction has to be done by recognised organizations Use of the relevant standard codes and guidelines of the BIS. Qualified, experienced and competent engineers, as specified by NCDS, for the purpose of investigation, design & construction . .Demonstration of safety of design, operational parameters and policies to NDSA/ SDSO for approval. .Undertaking of quality control measures, as specified by NCDS. Construction of new dam or alteration/enlargement of existing dam only with the approval of the Competent Authority. .Before initial filling of any reservoir, the filling criteria & initial filling plan, to be prepared. . Safety inspection by SDSO Before initial filling. Establishment of O&M setup with adequate staff. Ensuring a well documented O&M Manual. AMAN SHARMA

  5. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS SAFETY INSPECTION & DATA COLLECTION For each dam, owner has to establish within his O&M setup a 'dam safety unit' . Dam owner to undertake, through dam safety unit, pre-monsoon & post-monsoon . Special inspections during & after floods, after earthquake, on sign of distress/unusual .Engineers, as agreed by SDSO, to be stationed at dam site throughout monsoon period, inspections of dam behaviour. and during period of emergency following earth-quake/hazard. For each dam, owner to have a minimum number of dam instrumentations installed; maintain record of readings; and forward analysis to SDSO. Hydro-meteorological station at each dam site. Seismological station for dams higher than 30m or falling in zone IIl or above. AMAN SHARMA

  6. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN & DISASTER MANAGEMENT Every owner in respect of each dam to is required to Establish hydro-meteorological network and inflow forecasting system; Establish an emergency flood warning system; Test periodically for the aptness of above systems; Make available information on anticipated inflows, outflows, flood warnings & adverse impacts to authorities and public domain; . Render cooperation to NDSA in running of early warning system. Carry out risk assessment study at interval as specified. First such study within five years; Prepare emergency action plan within 5 years; and for new dams, before the initial filling. Emergency Action Plan to include type of emergencies likely to occur; likely flood in the event of dam failure, along with probable areas, population, structures and installations likely to be affected; Warning procedures, inundation maps and advance preparations for handling adverse situations to avoid loss of human life; Consultation/ cooperation with DM agencies. AMAN SHARMA

  7. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS COMPREHENSIVE DAM SAFETY EVALUATION The Bill provides for comprehensive safety evaluation by independent panel of expert. First CSE within 5 years, and thereafter at regular intervals specified by NCDS. CSE would be compulsory in case of major modification to structure or design criteria; discoveryof unusual condition at dam or reservoir rim; an extreme hydrological or seismic event. AMAN SHARMA

  8. Dam Safety Bill, 2018 TOPIC IN NEWS OFFENCES AND PENALTIES The Bill provides for punishment/ penalty if the dam safety provisions are not followed If a person obstructs any officer/employee or refuses to comply with any direction of the Central/ State Govt or NCDS/NDSA/ scDS/SDSO, the action would be punishable with imprisonment upto 1 year, or/ and fine (2 years for loss of lives) If offence by any department of the Govt, the head of the department deemed to be guilty if offence committed with his knowledge. . . . . If offence by a company/body corporate, every person in charge of/responsible for conduct of business of company, deemed to be guilty. No cognizance of offence except on a complaint by Central/ State Govt or NCDS/NDSA/SCDS/SDSO. AMAN SHARMA