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TIN - Sugar Coated Crises & Government's Intervention
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For the Indian sugar industry, struggling to withstand the twin shocks of surplus sugarcane production and falling prices, there could be more trouble in the offing. The latest World Economic Outlook of International Monetary Fund (IMF) says that the international price of sugar decreased by 6.7 per cent between August 2017 and February 2018, reflecting upward revisions to an expected 2017/18 surplus global production. The IMF estimates India's production to exceed that of the previous season by as much as 40 per cent. It also informs that strong supplies from Brazil and Europe in 2018/19 are likely to lead to another surplus year. The global predictions can only add to the uncertainty being faced by the domestic sugar industry as it is already finding it difficult to recover its cost.

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mind mam beautifully explained
I saw a video on RSTV for the same topic, this was better than that one. Mains oriented explaination very well appreciated!
Also, willing to know your source, how did you get this information?
sir thank you so much for this course.
Aman Sharma
a year ago
I hope this will help you alot..
amazing explaination sir..
  1. TOPIC IN NEWs unacademy Sugar-coated crisi:s AMAN SHARMA

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  3. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisi:s Sugar factories belonging to the private, cooperative and government sectors have one common objective: that is, to pay farmers for supplies of sugarcane within the government-stipulated two-week period so that they don't migrate to other crops. Failure to do so creates unrest among farmers in the captive cane zones from where factories are under law required to accept all the cane that is brought to their gate. AMAN SHARMA

  4. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisi:s Size of the Industry sector Today India has 453 sugar mills those constituting 252 mills from the Co-operative sector and 134 Mills from the private Sugar Producing States of India High Medium Low Geographical Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu distribution and Andhra Pradesh Jammu ir I Pradesh Output per India is the largest consumer of sugar and consumes around 16 million tonnes of sugar per annum. annum Market Capitalization Uttaranchal Pradesh Total turnover of Rs. 500 billion per annum Rajastan galand Wer Bangal Gujrat Madhya Pradeshharkhand zora India is the world's largest producer of sugarcane and second largest producer of sugar ashtra Andhra Pradesh Goa Karna Keda, Taminadu Sugar Map of India Above map is for indicative purpose only) AMAN SHARMA

  5. TOPIC IN NEWS Cabinet approves interventions to deal with the current crisis in the sugar sector The problem of liquidity of sugar mills resulting in accumulation of huge cane price arrears of farmers " v Sugar prices have plummeted due to surplus production, mill owners have found it difficult to pay cane growers. The arrears are estimated to be around Rs 22,000 crore across the country. AMAN SHARMA

  6. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisis Central Government has taken the following steps in past four months: (i) Increased custom duty on import of sugar from 50% to 100% to check any import to the country. (ii) Imposed stock holding limits on producers of sugar for the months of February and March, 2018 to stabilise the domestic sugar price. (ii) Withdrawn custom duty on export of sugar to encourage sugar industry to start exploring possibility of export of sugar (iv) Allocated mill-wise Minimum Indicative Export Quotas (MIEQ) of 20 LMT of sugar for export during Sugar Season 2017-18. (v) Re-introduced Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme in respect of sugar to facilitate and incentivize export of surplus sugar by sugar mills. (vi) Extended financial assistance to sugar mills @ Rs.5.50/qtl of cane crushed during 2017 -18 Sugar Season to offset the cost of cane. AMAN SHARMA

  7. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisis Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the following measures involving total amount of about Rs. 7000 crore: V Creation of buffer stock of 30 LMT of sugar for one year and to incur estimated expenditure of Rs.1175 crore for this purpose. To notify Sugar Price (Control) Order, 2018 under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 to fix minimum selling price of white/refined sugar at the mill gate below which no white/refined sugar can be sold and delivered by a sugar mill in the domestic market. Fixation of minimum selling price of white sugar would be based on Fair Remunerative Price (FRP) of cane and minimum conversion cost of white/refined sugar. v To augment capacity through up-gradation of existing distilleries attached to sugar mills by installing incineration boilers and setting up new distilleries in sugar mills AMAN SHARMA

  8. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisi:s The bitter truth about sugar that subsidy cannot sweeten Solving the sugar sector' s problems as a tablet of paracetamol is for someone burning with typhoid: brief, symptomatic relief that does little to kill the pathogen within. . . The pathogen in the sugar crisis is wrongheaded governance. .What is the link between law and order and sugar? .Another wrongheaded policy toxic for sugar is the ban on corporate farming .In large, sugar-producing countries like Brazil, the sugar company owns the cane fields as well. In India, that is not allowed. The Rangarajan committee came up with what it thought was a via media. The mills would pay farmers for their cane in two parts. . A sustainable solution to the sugar sector's problem AMAN SHARMA