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TIN - Answer Writing Points on Sugar Crises Solution in India
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Aman Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aman Sharma (ECE) , M.A(Sociology) YouTube - STUDY IAS Newspaper Analyst | Motivational Speaker Knowledge, like air, is vital to life.

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mam i guess some of your lessons are missing from this course. technology part 1 and biology set 1. btwn a BIG thank you for making these wonderful lessons and sharing them with us. :)
thanks so much.. your efforts are really core to our preparation.. but please cover more editorials and on daily basis
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  1. TOPIC IN NEWs unacademy Sugar-coated crisi:s AMAN SHARMA

  2. TOPIC IN NEWS Aman Sharma VERIFIED Follow (ECE), M.A(Sociology) The STUDY IAS guy. Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CURRENT AFFAIRS MAY I 2018 CURRENT AWARS By Aman Sharma By Aman Sharma y Aman Sharma Current Affairs Revision for Prelims 2018 (Hindi) May 2018-Science and Technology Current Affairs for... (Hindi) Crash Course: Science & Technology Current Affairs...

  3. TOPIC IN NEWS Sugar-coated crisi:s The bitter truth about sugar that subsidy cannot sweeten Solving the sugar sector' s problems as a tablet of paracetamol is for someone burning with typhoid: brief, symptomatic relief that does little to kill the pathogen within. . . The pathogen in the sugar crisis is wrongheaded governance. .What is the link between law and order and sugar? .Another wrongheaded policy toxic for sugar is the ban on corporate farming .In large, sugar-producing countries like Brazil, the sugar company owns the cane fields as well. In India, that is not allowed. The Rangarajan committee came up with what it thought was a via media. The mills would pay farmers for their cane in two parts. . A sustainable solution to the sugar sector's problem AMAN SHARMA