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The Satavahanas (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

One of the two great Indian political powers and organized states during this Post-Mauryan Period was the Satavahana Empire. The Satavahanas had a mysterious origin. They were alternatively known as ‘the Andhras’. Further, the Puranas mention some ‘Andhras’ succeeding the Kanvas in Magadh. Why or why shouldn’t these Andhras be considered as the Imperial Satavahanas, has been explained in the lesson. The important facts related to the various Satavahana emperors, including Gautamiputra Satakarni, have been mentioned. The maps will enable you to properly understand the extent of their rule. These Satavahanas had remarkable effect upon the politics, society, culture and economy of both northern and southern India. They acted as a bridge between the north and the south. This particular lesson is focused upon the noteworthy rulers of the Satavahana Empire.

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