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The Neolithic Age in India (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

Neolithic Age brought revolutionary changes in the life of man. The introduction of the wheel, extensive use of fire, pottery, agriculture, settled life, lethal and more finished tools- This whole can give you a clear picture how Neolithic Age brought an end to an early man with nomadic or quasi-nomadic lifestyle. The Beginning of settled life is also the beginning of civilization in a crude sense. So if we observe carefully, the human civilization begins with the Neolithic Period only. Although Neolithic Age began way too earlier in the Levant, it spread eastwards later on, reaching South Asia (Indian Sub-continent) by around 7000 BC. Mehrgarh was the first and much advanced site than the other Neolithic Sites in India. The Neolithic Age as a whole, lasted up to 1000 BC in India ending in the South. It can be arguably considered the last phase of Stone Age. Although Chalcolithic Age can be considered a period of Stone Age, but the association with copper and alloys and much more advanced lifestyle makes it a separate chapter.

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