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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

Here begins the first part of the whole Course 'Ancient India'. For the convenience of students, the entire course has been divided into seven parts viz., 1. The Beginning 2. Indus Valley Civilization 3. Vedic Period and Iron Age 4. Mauryan Period 5. Post-Mauryan Period 6. Gupta Period 7. Post-Gupta Period. This is an overview lesson of the Part-I. This part deals with the sources of Indian History, it's problems, techniques of study and positioning, along with the three segments of Stone Age plus Chalcolithic Age and Megalithic Cultures. So this set of eight lessons will constitute 'The Beginning of Indian History.' This is least cared and perhaps the least interesting portion of the Indian history as it becomes extremely difficult for us to correlate it with the past. Nevertheless, we have tried to make it as lucrative as possible.

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