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Chalcolithic Age in India (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

The Chalcolithic Age saw the usage of working metals for the first time. It was copper that gave new dimensions to the human civilization. Copper meant mining and metallurgy on the one hand and sophisticated tools, equipment and machinery made of the metal and its alloys on the other. Since copper was used with stone, the period became a Chalcolithic Age, instead of stepping into the Bronze Age. Nevertheless, there were many parallels and regular close contacts of these Chalcolithic cultures with the Indus Valley Civilization, the Bronze Age Civilization of Indian Sub-continent. In this lesson we will see how the lives and lifestyles transformed from agricultural settlements to towns in the Chalcolithic period, thus initiating civilization in the sub-continent outside the Indus Valley. Students are advised to watch the pictures and maps very carefully and separately if required.