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The Mesolithic Age in India (in Hindi)

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

Mesolithic Age saw a sea change in lifestyle of humans. They changed their habitat and methods of hunting, tools, etc. Domestication of animals also began during this period as evidenced from Adamgadh and Bagore, The most striking feature of this age is the use of ‘Microliths’ and flourishing of the Microlithic industry. You can understand what microliths are, through the pictures used in the lesson. By the end of Mesolithic Period, man started initial farming and therefore started producing food. So in a nutshell, it can be said that the tale of the transformation of man from food gatherer to food producer is the history of Mesolithic Period. As it was previously done for the lesson on Palaeolithic Age, a map has been used to depict the various palaeolithic sites to enable the understanding and locating comfortably on blank maps, especially in the Mains.

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