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Test Series Part-9 (in Hindi)
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  1. Financial Management By Heena Malhotra

  2. 1. Finance functions are A. Planning for funds B. Raising of funds C. D. All of the above Allocation of Resources By Heena Malhotra

  3. 2: The relationship between the cost of equity and financial leverage in accordance with MM proposition II can be expressed by A. B. C. R Equity/100 R Equity/Debt x 100 R- Equity/Income By Heena Malhotra

  4. 3.A project's profitability index is equal to the ratio of the of a project's future cash flows to the project's A. present value; initial cash outlay B. net present value; initial cash outlay C. present value; depreciable basis D. net present value; depreciable basis By Heena Malhotra

  5. 4. Earning Yield computed by A. EPS/Current Market Price Per Share B. Paid up value of Share/100 C.EPS/Profit x 100 D. EPS/Market Price By Heena Malhotra

  6. 5. The Present Value of all inflows are cumulated in A. Order of Investment B. Order of Cash C. Order of Time D. Order of Sales By Heena Malhotra

  7. 6. The cost of debt capital is calculated on the basis of A. Net proceeds B. Annual Interest C. Capital D. Annual Depreciation By Heena Malhotra

  8. 7. A(n) while a(n) agent. would be an example of a principal, would be an example of an A. shareholder; manager B. manager; owner C. accountant; bondholder D. shareholder; bondholder By Heena Malhotra