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Test Series Part-6 (in Hindi)
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Believe in Conceptual Learning.

Unacademy user
thank u mam your answers bull fighting is banned in jallikatu of Tamil state vikramshila university is founded by dharmapal lilavati is based on arithematics written in 12th century & the book is named after the bhaskers daughter lilavati
3 correct only😞
4/6,ma'am.bhul jaate h jaldi.kya kare ma'am.phir aisa lagta sb kuch hua b kuch ni aata .tension hone lagti h.
a year ago
aap apne notes prepare kro, agr apne pdh Liya h na to aapko bas halka sa hint Lene ki jarrurat h.. unn notes Ko jyda nhi roz 10min lga ke revise kro :) ye trick apko hr subject m help kregi specially paper 1 m kyuki uska syllabus Kam h :)
Anjali sharma
a year ago
aapki vedio se likha h sara ma'am notes prepare kiye meine aapki vedio se fm ke all topic ,jo aapne karwaye h.
a year ago
Great :) ab Roz inko 10 min lga ke revise kro , aise ap revision kroge aap nhi bhuloge kuch bhi , Revision krna boring kaam h but you have to put you efforts :)
Anjali sharma
a year ago
tik bola aapne,boring h bahut jayada .ma'am
a year ago
Good, Jin questions m mistakes ho rhi h unhe ache se smjhna , kyuki PY ke questions h ye inse related questions dubra aa skte h :)
Ak kaliraman
a year ago
Yes mam... :)
  1. Financial Management By Heena Malhotra

  2. Dec 2014 Paper 2 By Heena Malhotra

  3. 17. Match the following techniques of capital budgeting given in List with one of the Characteristics given in List I and select the correct code: a. NPV b. IRR List - I List - II Under certain circumstances its reciprocal is a good approximation of the rate of return Shareholder's wealth maximisation c. Profitability i Possibility of multiple outcomes in single Index Payback period calculation d. iv. Measure of projects' relative profitability Codes: (C) v (D) IV 1 11 By Heena Malhotra

  4. 18. In the case of redeemable debentures issued at discount and to be redeemed at par approximate cost of debenture (before tax adjustment) will be equal to (A) rate of interest (B) amount of interest divided by issue price (C) amount of interest divided by par value par value-issue price amount of irest+ emur of debenture par value+issue price) By Heena Malhotra

  5. Dec 2014 Paper 3 By Heena Malhotra

  6. 23. The problem of conflict in ranking between NPV and IRR, arising on account of difference in the pattern of cash flows with reference to time can be resolved by (A) Modified NPV only (C) (A) and (B) both (B) (D) Modified IRR only Decision tree By Heena Malhotra

  7. 24. Assertion (A) : According to the traditional view of capital structure a firm has an optimal capital structure that occurs when WACC is minimum This approach clearly implies that WACC decreases only within the reasonable limit of financial leverage (D/E) and reaching to the minimum level, it starts increasing with financial leverage (D/E). Reason (R) Select the correct code (A) (A) and (R) both are correct. (B) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect (C) (R) is correct but (Ais incorrect. (D) (A) and (R) both are incorrect By Heena Malhotra

  8. 28. Consider the following statements regarding the assumptions of Capital Asset Pricing Model: I All investors have the same expectations about expected returns and risks of securities II Lending and borrowing rates of all investors are different. II Investors expect highest returns for highest level of risk. IV. Share prices reflect all available information. V. Individual investors are not able to affect the prices of securities. Select the correct code (A) I and II only (C) I, IIl and V only (B) (D) I. II and IIl only IIV and V only By Heena Malhotra

  9. 29 The firms average rate o return is 15% its cost o capital is 10% and earnings per share is? 10. If the pay-out ratio is 40%, 60% and 90%, the value of share according to Gordon's model will be (A) 105, 100and?90, respectively (B) 10.? 120and 105,respectively (C) 400.? 150and? 105.88, respectively (D) 440, 160 and 120,respectively By Heena Malhotra

  10. 30, When a fim uses more short-term financing, than that required to finance, the temporary or variable current assets, the firm is said to follow: (A) a conservative approach of financing (B) an aggressive approach of financing (C) amatching approach of financing (D) a moderate approach of financing By Heena Malhotra