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Syllogism- Venn Diagram Representation
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In this lesson, you'll find the explanation for venn diagram representation of the statements in a syllogism.

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Riya Agarwal
I'm here to liberate & share my knowledge. Shortly, all DI and LR lessons will be available, in English & Hindi. Also, past year papers.

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17/20 >Stand-off-a deadlock between two equally matched opponents in a dispute or conflict >Barren-unproductive,infertile,arid >Strife-conflict,discord,dispute >Mordant-sarcastic,biting,caustic >Pun-witticism, double meaning >Verbatim-in exactly the same words as were used originally >Woe-great sorrow or distress, gloom, melancholy >Catechism-a series of fixed questions and answers >Catalysis-the acceleration of a chemical reaction by a catalyst >Catacomb-mausoleum, tomb, sepulchre, underground cemetery >Encomium-speech or piece that praises someone or something, eulogy
Neharika Jayani
2 years ago
impressed ! sunil keep it up :)
Sunil Choudhary
2 years ago
Thank you, ma'am.It helps me a lot to polish my grammar as well as vocab.
how can I make my vocab strong??
Sunil Choudhary
2 years ago
Vocab building is a slow and continuous process.Daily revision is the key to strong vocab.
mam u r very beautiful and your lectures are awesome
awesome and thank you mam
can't we show case no. 3 as case no. 2?
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
I didn't get what you're trying to ask. How can be represent negative relation like positive relation
Nice introduction
Riya Agarwal
a year ago
Thanks 😊
  1. Verbal Reasoning SYLLOGISM Venn Diagram

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  3. Basic Concept All : 100% Positive sense Some Positive sense Some not: Negative sense No : 100% Negative sense

  4. Venn Diagram Representation

  5. Venn Diagram :AI e.g.: All A are Z

  6. Venn Diagram : Some e.g.: Some A is Z

  7. Venn Diagram Some not e.g.: Some A is not Z

  8. Venn Diagram :No e.g.: No A is Z

  9. Venn Diagram :No e.g.: No A is Z

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