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Structure of Nucleotides
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Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Dr Praveen Kumar Agrawal
Ex - Faculty, Allen Kota, 22 Yrs Experience. Author - 17 books Known for best explanation Youtube : biology by pkagrawal

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  1. COURSE BIOMOLECULES Lesson Nucleic acids and nucleotide composition Dr. Praveen Kumar Agrawal

  2. Structure of nucleic acids DNA and RNA are referred to as nuclei acids. DNA is the master molecule. It is the storehouse of genetic information. . Except few viruses, it is the genetic material in all organisms. . It is a polymer of deoxy-ribonucleotides. . It's structure is a double helical structure. RNA on the other hand is a polymer of ribonucleotides and shows a single helix The structure of DNA was established in 1953 by James Watson, Francis Crick, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. They were given Nobel prize in 1962. Francis Crick James Watson Maurice Wilkins Rosalind Franklin

  3. Structure of nucleotides Nucleic acids are composed of millions of tiny subunits called nucleotides. - Phosphate group . Each nucleotide consists of Deoxyribose (pentose) sugar Nitrogenous base Phosphate Nitrogenous Base Pentose Sugar

  4. Pentose sugar 5' 5' 4, C 1' 4, C 1 3' 2 3' 2' OH OH Deoxyribose C$H 1004 Ribose C,H 1005

  5. Phosphate Phosphate H3PO

  6. Nitrogenous bases Purine (basic structure) Pyrimidine (basic structure) NH2 NH2 HN Adenine (A) Guanine (G) Uracil (U) Thymine (T) (present in DNA) (presen in RNA) Cytosine (C)

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