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Constant boiling Mixtures ( Azeotropes )

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Introduction kam karo
  1. Solutions-V XII-02

  2. THEORY OF FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION.- The process of separation of one liquid from another liquid (binary mixture) having different boiling points by distillaton is formed fractional distillation. -The liquid-vapour equilibrium diagrams at constant pressure give us an idea whether a particular solution can be separated by distillation or not. .The separation is possible only when the vapour phase has composition different form that of the boiling liquid mixture

  3. Ideal solutions Vapour Liquid 2 TB A100% y B0% Composition xy, x,21 B 10096 A0%

  4. Solution of type ll (Positive deviations from Raoult's law) A100% x x1 y yB 1002 B096 Composition A096

  5. Some Azeotropic mixture Mixture Boiling point 1. Water-Ethanol 2. Pyridine-water 3. Ethanol-Benzene 4. Acetic acid-Toluene % composition of azeotrope 95.97 Ethanol 57.00 pyridine 32.40 Ethanol 28.00 Acetic acid 78.15 C 92.60 C 6780 C 105.40 C

  6. Solutions of type-Il(Negative deviations from Raoult's law) S A X1lx A100% B0% B 100% A0% Composition

  7. % Composition of Azeotrope 6890 Nitric acid Mixture Boiling point 1. Nitric acid-water 2. Acetic acid-Pyridine65Pyridine 3. Chloroform-Acetone | 80% Chloroform 4,Hydrogen Chloride- 179.8% water Water 125.5 C 139.0 C 65.0 C 108.6 C