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Solid state VI
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Analysis of cubic systems

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Shaillee Kaushal
Faculty in Chemistry with a teaching experience of 14 years. Specialised in teaching for boards and competitions.

Unacademy user
how the new term arise in last ques ...when we take l=1 nd s=1/2 then there is 2 possible value of j ...
Ankush Saxena
8 months ago
Yes there are two value of j but we are using original value of j bcoz it change only l value not j value.
Sandhya Aneja
8 months ago
ok thnks
Sandhya Aneja
8 months ago
can you provide some practice set?
  1. XII 01 Solid State V

  2. Nearest neighbour distance:- Simple Cubic D a R a/2

  3. Face centred cubic:- Nearest neighbours distance is AO AC2 AB2 + BC2 2 AC-12.a Now AOAC 2 2.a V2.aa 2 2v2

  4. Body centred Nearest neighbour distance is AO a2 + 2a2 AD 3.a d-AD/2 3/2.a r-d/2 3/4.a

  5. Co-ordination number It is defined as the number of nearest neighbors an atom has in a unit cell Simple cubic structure - co-ordination number is 6 Face centered cubic - co-ordination number is 12 Body centered cubic structure co-ordination number is 8