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Electrochemistry X
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Concept of Equilibrium in electrochemical cell

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Shaillee Kaushal
Faculty in Chemistry with a teaching experience of 14 years. Specialised in teaching for boards and competitions.

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  1. XII -03 Electrochemistry -X

  2. Conceptof Equilibrium in electrochemical cell: In an elecrochemical cell a reversible redox reaction takes place: eg in a Daniel cell: Zn + Cu2+ Zn2+ + Cu At equilibrium mass action ratio becomes equal to equilibrium constant 1.e Q =K. (i) (ii) Oxidation potential ofanode=-Reduction potential ofcathode i.e, emf Oxidation potential ofanode +oxidation potential ofcathode. Cell is full discharged E Eo0.0591 At equilibrium og Q 0 = Eo-0.0591 E = 7n 0.0591 log K 72 K-An tilog 0.0591

  3. Work done by the cell:- Work done = charge potential = nFEcell Or AG -nFEcell Simialry maximum obtainable work from the cell will be Wmax nFE cell AGOnFE cell

  4. Heat of reaction in an electrochemical cell: Let 'n' Faraday charge flows out ofa cell of emfE then According to thermodynamics From equation (i) and (ii) we get (-nFE) dE dt p de -Temperature co-efficient of cell dE Case I. when Case II when then nFE > i.e the process inside the cell is endothermic Case 111 when I- 0, then AH-nFE dT > 0 | < o then nFE AH and the process is exothermic