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Solutions III
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Solubility of gases in liquids

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kindly answer if known..that if one fails in prelims and the result don't show his roll no. thank can he view his marks. .in his individual result..bcz I can't find one
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definitely, ur marks will be published after final result the next year..
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2 years ago
Thankyou very much sir..thanks for taking your time to just cleared a big doubt of mine
  1. XII -02 Solutions Ill

  2. SOLUTION OF GASES N LIQUID o Solutions of gases in water play an important role in our daily life. The common examples are soft drinks, household cleaners containing aqueous solutions of ammonia, the natural waters contains dissolved which is vital for aquatic life. o The solubility of a gas in a liquid is expressed in absorption co-efficient. lt is defined as the volume of the gas in mL that can be dissolved by 1mL of liquid solvent at the temperature of the experiment at one atmospheric pressure.

  3. Mathematically absorption co-effiecient ' i s given by v volume of the gas dissolved VP V volume of the solvent P pressure of the gas in atmosphere

  4. Factors on which solubility of gases in liquid depen<d Nature of the gas and solvent . Gases which are easily liquified are more soluble. For example CO2 is more soluble than oxygen. Also the gases which react with solvent posess higher solubility. For example, HCl and NH3 are highly soluble in water. . Oxygen, nitrogen and carbondoxide are more soluble in ethyl alcohol than in water.

  5. Temperature: As the process of dessolution of gases is an exothermic process therefore the solubility of gases decreases with increase in temperature >This is the reason why aquatic animals are not very comfortable in warm water as the solubility of oxygen decreasing with increase in temperatrue.