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Solid state V
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Contribution in each unit cell

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super shortcuts sir nice explanation
Praveen Siddu
a year ago
Thank you bhaskar
  1. XII 01 Solid State - V

  2. A point lying at the corner is shared among eight unit cels and therefore only the of each such poin lies within the given unit cell. A point along an edge is shared by four unit cell and only one fourth of it lies within any cell. A-face centered point is shared by two unit cell and only one half of it is present in a given unit cell A body centered point lies entirely within the unit cell and contributes one complete point to th cell

  3. Type of lattice Point Corner Edge Face centre Body centre Contribution to one unit cell 1/8 1/4 1/2

  4. Simple cubic or primitiv unit cell: Lattice points Lattice points 8 corners Simple cubic lattice cell

  5. Face- centered cubic: atom 2 atom

  6. Body cen -1 (It is in the centre of the body and does not share itself with any other unit cell)

  7. End Centered End Centered